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The Misconceptions That Are Keeping Americans Fat

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Obesity is a growing problem in the U.S., with wholly 63.1% of Americans officially overweight or obese. What is even more troubling, however, is that American children are more likely to be overweight than ever before. Disturbing misconceptions, unhealthy lifestyles, and the bogus diet industry are to blame. What are some myths about weight loss that are making Americans fat?

Myth #1: Crash Diets Work

Recently, several news groups reported that 95% of diets do not work — and that people who lose weight will often gain it back (and sometimes even gain more). Americans are running with this information, and that’s markedly harmful. Why? The findings are, up to a point, true. Crash diets and fad diets typically don’t work, but that’s because they are non-sustainable. In order for Americans to lose weight and keep it off, they should stop dieting and start swapping out junk foods and sugary foods for healthy foods and snacks instead.

Myth #2: Exercise Just Isn’t Worth It

Are personal fitness trainers and personal training rates even worth looking into? The short answer is yes. Although some people will harp on the point that weight loss amounts to calories in versus calories out, regular exercise and/or a personal fitness plan will give you more energy, make you happier, ward off chronic health conditions, and help you burn more calories.

Myth #3: Children’s Breakfast Cereals Are Healthy

Childhood obesity in particular can be largely chalked up to misinformation. Too few Americans know what’s really in the foods you purchase at the store. Even seemingly innocent items and/or ones that are marketed as “healthy” — such as breakfast cereals — can be pretty bad for you. Processed foods often contain extremely high concentrations of sugar. Preparing your own meals can help you achieve weight loss drastically faster, and it can help you keep it off, too.

Americans are obese, largely thanks to food manufacturing companies and the diet industry. Remember, permanent weight loss is a lifestyle change. Plan to eat healthy foods and budget for personal training rates long-term, not just while you are losing weight. Continue reading here.

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