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The Top Three Healthy Ways to Lose Weight and Keep it Off

Hcg weight loss

For many, weight loss is the major struggle in their life. It isn’t an easy struggle by any means. Here are three ways you can try to reach your ideal body type:

1. Traditional Diet and Exercise

While it may be tempting to move directly to a more extreme measure of weight loss, any weight loss dr would attest that the first and most reliable method that anyone should consider is plain old diet and exercise. This is because taking off any amount of weight is only half of the challenge in weight loss; the other, far more difficult half is keeping that weight off. It isn’t enough to drop the weight and try to live as you did. The only way to reach a comfortable body type and stay there is to adopt healthy living habits that support that body type. Sometimes, though, healthy living is simply ineffective at eliminating pockets of fat in target areas. For those folks…

2. Liposuction

There are a wide variety of liposuction procedures out there. Lipotherme laser liposuction procedures, for example, are really quite affordable and effective for the price. Essentially, liposuction is geared toward folk who exercise and eat healthily but have stubborn areas of fat that just won’t leave them alone. It is not a cure for obesity so much as it is a physical adjustment; if you don’t take advantage of that adjustment, the fat will find its way back quickly enough.

3. hCG Hormone

For those who are skittish about surgery, hCG hormone may be the way to go. An hCP weight loss dr will evaluate you to determine if this is a suitable treatment for you; if so, the hormone will suppress your hunger while causing your body to burn fat for its main source of energy. Typically, those on the hormone eat very little in the way of calories, about five hundred or so, while losing one or two pounds a day. Again, this is not a solution to obesity by any means and should be accompanied by other healthy habits! How will you reach your ideal body type? See this reference for more.

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