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Three Incredible Hair Loss Solutions You Need to Hear About

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Hair loss can be a serious blow to a person’s self-confidence. It’s why 30% of people would be willing to become abstinent if it meant getting their hair back; why 47% of people would be willing to spend all of their life savings on hair loss treatments that could fully restore their hair; and why 60% of people would rather have more hair than more money or friends.

Thankfully, modern medicine has delivered several, advanced hair restoration options that can quickly return a person’s confidence and self-esteem. If you’re suffering from baldness, one of these hair loss solutions may be able to help.

Scalp Pigmentation.

Scalp pigmentation is the process of having a bald area of the head tattooed with tiny dots that simulate the look of a real, buzzed haircut. It’s been hailed as one of the best hair restoration options out there simply because it’s effective, cost efficient, and non-invasive. A patient can expect to see real results after just one session, while not having to worry about downtime, either.

Laser Light Therapy.

Laser light therapy is one of the most advanced hair restoration options out there. It utilizes lasers to encourage the synthesis of proteins that are necessary for hair regeneration, while also stimulating blood flow to the area for improved rates of growth. It’s best to staunch hair loss while it’s happening, but it can also be used to regrow hair, too.

Over-the-Counter Drugs.

Your local drug store even carries several effective hair restoration options, like Propecia. This drug can prevent hair loss, while also preventing cancer and helping to keep prostate size down. Propecia works by blocking the male hormone in the scalp that impedes hair growth. A clinical study showed that 65% of men who took Propecia saw real results, while some even saw their hair begin to regrow.

These are just a few of the amazing hair restoration options available today. If you have any questions about a solution that might work for you, feel free to ask in the comments. Research more like this:

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