Urgent Care Vs ER When and Where Should I Go?

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    When it comes to minor injuries and illnesses, the emergency room is often the destination of choice for many people. After all, how often is your local doctor on call when your child sprains their knee after jumping off the banister at 6 pm on a Sunday? The answer to that, is not often at all. And while emergency care might seem like the best and most obvious place to go when something goes wrong, the emergency room may actually be the last place you or your loved ones want to be.

    All hours of the day, waiting rooms are packed to the gills with patients waiting to be seen for a number of ailments. When your ailment isn?t considered serious enough, you are forced to wait for hours on end. And sometimes, patients are sent home with little answers and a $1,000 medical bill in hand. While emergency c Continue Reading

    Electromagnetic Sensitivity in Expecting Mothers and Young Children

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    The negative effects of cell phone and other technological radiations are still not properly researched. There is not enough information for research professionals to go on, as the popularity of technology is still somewhat new. There have, however, been preliminary reports regarding the harmful effects of the radiations that technology emits. This should be a concern for parents with young children, pregnant mothers and those with health concerns. These types of people or empaths are highly sensitive to electromagnetic sensitivity. They are at a greater risk for the harmful effects of these rays. Fortunately, there are already options for those wanting to protect themselves against these radiation rays.

    It was concluded even in 2007 that existing public safety limits for EMF were inadequate to pro Continue Reading

    Medical Conditions You Didn’t Know Marijuana Could Treat

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    Modern medicine is incredible. Many diseases that used to be a death sentence to a patient can now be managed and even cured through modern developments in medicine. However, many people don’t understand that the medicine they take to treat one ailment is made up of a cocktail of chemicals, toxins, and poisons that can have other negative impacts on the body. There is always a trade-off when you were putting these unnatural substances in your body; while it may fix one problem, you may be creating another, possibly worse, issue.

    Thankfully, one solution that has only recently become legal is medical marijuana. Unlike a toxic chemicals that are in commonly used medications, the treatment provided by medical marijuana doctors are straight from the earth, natural for the body, and do not harm anoth Continue Reading

    3 Common Threats to Your Health You Might Encounter Daily

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    You?d be surprised, perhaps, at how much of your environment is potentially toxic. Most people are aware of obvious threats — cigarettes, for example, or air pollution. What you might not realize, though, is that everything from your hamburger to your cell phone could be increasing your likeliness to develop a number of health problems — including cancer. Here?s what you need to know.


    There?s a reason you should never ask for a ?well done? burger — besides the fact that it will barely taste like meat at that point. The black, charred part of the meat that you may know and love can actually be a carcinogen. Recently, the World Health Organization recently went on record indicating that processed meat is a likely carcinogen — ranking alongside asbestos and arsenic. Ju Continue Reading

    New Studies Show A Low Carb Diet Can Combat Brain Tumors

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    A new study by the researchers University of Florida have shown that eating a diet that is high in fat and low in carbohydrates could have the effect of slowing the glioblastoma tumors, the most common type of brain cancer in humans, based on mice models with a brain tumor diagnosis.

    What are Glioblastoma Tumors?

    Glioblastoma tumors are the most common type of brain cancer. They come from astrocytes, the connective tissue of the brain, and are usually highly malignant and reproduce and spread rather quickly. These tumors account for 52% of all brain tumor cases. Some of the most common symptoms of glioblastoma tumors include, nausea, mental confusion, headache, and body weakness.

    Evidence of Halted Glioblastoma Tumor Progression in Animal Models
    Continue Reading

    How to Support Someone in Rehab

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    Going into rehab can be a scary thing. If someone you know has determined that it is necessary for themselves to be checked into an inpatient rehab center or alcohol addiction treatment centers, you should be relieved and happy for them. Coming to terms with the fact that you have a weed addiction or partake in alcohol abuse or any kind of substance over use can be a big step to take for an addict. Alcohol in particular can seem normal for people to have because almost everyone drinks every now and then. It is not illegal and therefore seems harmless but it is extremely addicting. Going to alcohol addiction treatment center Continue Reading

    Five Tips to Take With You While Hearing Aid Shopping

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    Not being able to hear properly can be incredibly frustrating. When you can’t hear as well as you should, it’s difficult to hold an easy conversation, especially when there is a lot of background noise, like during dinner in a crowded restaurant. Following the plot of a movie in the movie theater or a sermon during church is almost impossible. Asking people to repeat themselves over and over to understand what they’re saying can be embarrassing. Although it is difficult to admit you need help, taking the brave step to get yourself the assistive listening devices you need, such as hearing aids, can really improve your quality of life.

    When you are ready to get yourself hearing aids to function in life, you will find a new challenge: figuring out the best hearing aids to meet your needs. Continue Reading

    How to Find a Medical Professional

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    Even the most healthy people can get sick — 50% of patients who suffer their first heart attack have a normal cholesterol level. While treatments like preventative medicine and a healthy lifestyle are very important, the fact is that illness can happen to anyone at anytime. It could be a product of genetics, environmental factors, or sheer chance, but not matter what, getting help is imperative.

    Whatever an ailment is, there are specialists out there to help. heart disease, which is the leading cause of death for both men and women, can be treated by a cardiologist. Pre and post natal care can be administered by an OBGYN. But the real trick is finding the right Continue Reading

    The Anti-Aging Secret you Can’t go Another Minute Without Knowing

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    In Oscar Wilde’s only novel, a British dandy named Dorian Gray stayed young and handsome forever while a portrait an admirer had painted aged in his stead. If you’re thinking “If only I could be like Dorian!” then you’ve probably considered anti aging treatments and other lifestyle medicine.
    You’re not alone. In 2013, the anti aging industry netted fully 2.1 billion dollars in retail revenue. There are the usual suspects, like botox and hormone replacement therapy, but there’s one treatment we’re betting you haven’t heard of yet — kybella.
    1. Kybella Demystified
    Kybella is the commercial name given to keoxycholic acid. It is a man made counterpoint to a naturally occurring substance in the body that absorbs fats. Kybella is primarily used to reduce the incidence of fat found under Continue Reading