How Do Hospital Waste Services Dispose of Medical Waste?

Correctly disposing of medical waste, whether you’re a caregiver or work at the hospital, is critical. Watch this detailed video to the end, as it explains many things about medical waste disposal for caregivers. Hospital waste services are used to help safely remove and transport waste from medical care facilities.

Contact with medical waste can become dangerous, and if it is thrown out with regular trash, it poses risking you and all you may come into contact with it.

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Before the hospital waste services come around to collect the waste, you should be able to identify biohazardous and healthcare waste. These are to be stored and contained until they are collected for complete disposal through incineration and other sanitization methods.

Biohazardous waste should be designated in the universal and official biohazard disposal bin. This waste includes needles, sharps, human blood waste, and any other items that can pierce or lacerate. Check your region for information about the programs and contact them to help with biohazardous waste items disposal.

Home health waste includes incontinence items, rubber gloves, and soiled dressing. Home health waste must be disposed of in the regular trash after securing it in disposable garbage bags. They can’t be recycled and thus should not be placed in recycling bins.

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