Is 4 Water Bottles a Day Good for You, and What Should You Pair With That Habit?

Studies have produced varying recommendations on water intake over the years. But according to Mayo Clinic, individual water intake is determined by many factors like health, physical activities, and where one lives. The U.S. National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine reported men should take around 3.7 liters of water daily while women should take 2.7 liters. So, is 4 water bottles a day good? It will depend on the factors named above; here are other habits you should develop.

Make Sure You Drink Clean Water

While the answer to “Is 4 water bottles a day good?” is determined by several factors, it’s essential to consider taking clean water. Contaminated water is linked to the transmission of diseases like cholera, hepatitis A, diarrhea, dysentery, and polio. Untreated water may carry all the disease causing bacteria.

Inadequate urban, industrial, and agricultural wastewater management has brought about many diseases. Unfortunately, this water is released into the rivers, making the river water unsafe to drink if untreated. Clean and safe water for drinking should be treated and packed by a reliable water treatment center. Ideally, check the label and other verification details before purchasing the water.

On the other hand, you can treat water at your home using a home water treatment system. A good way to purify drinking water at home is by chlorination method. It’s a common chemical disinfection technique involving chlorine products like sodium hypochlorite or calcium hypochlorite. These chemicals kill bacteria and viruses but should be used in small quantities to avoid causing harmful health effects.

Flocculation disinfection is another method of purifying water at home. Flocculant disinfectant products, like ferric sulfate or calcium hypochlorite, are added to a certain volume of water and stirred. After stirring, the solid material settles at the bottom, and you use the cloth filter to separate water and sediments.

When the water looks transparent, but you fear it might have some organisms, you use solar disinfection. The method involves heat and UV radiation to kill microorganisms in water. You can expose water to the sun for 6 to 8 hours before storing it in a cool area. Slow sand filtration is another method to purify water at home.

The sand filtration system comprises a tank and textured sand and gravel layers. You pour the water into the filter funnel and collect filtered water at the bottom. This method is the best because it doesn’t involve using any chemicals. Lastly, you can boil the water to make it clean.

Impure Water Can Harm Your Teeth and Body

Is 4 water bottles a day good? Yes. If your body needs water, you can drink it to nourish it. But impure water can harm your body’s organs, tissues, and teeth. The number one water contaminant is the microorganisms that bring about gut problems.

Microorganisms include bacteria, parasites, and viruses on the earth’s surface. If you drink water contaminated with microorganisms, you risk getting gastrointestinal infections. Leaking sewer lines and mixing drinking water with runoff water can cause these microorganisms.

The second cause of impure water is the nitrate and nitrites found in chemical fertilizers, human and animal waste. High levels of nitrites and nitrates cause methemoglobinemia in babies. The substances reduce the blood’s ability to carry oxygen, making the baby experience shortness of breath and blueness on the skin.

Heavy metals from the plumbing lines can also leach into the drinking water and contaminate it. Petroleum products, cement, and natural mineral deposits can spill on the ground, later finding their way into the water wells. If you consume heavy metals, you risk liver, kidney, and intestine damage. Heavy metals can also cause anemia and cancer if taken for an extended duration.

Organic chemicals are other sources of water contamination with household products used in agriculture. They can be found in pesticides, sealants, disinfectants, and paints used at home. Organic chemical consumption can also damage body organs and the nervous system.

Radionuclides may also be found in the water. They are radioactive forms of elements like th uranium and radium released into the environment through mining. These elements also damage organs like kidneys and put the whole body at cancer risk. Besides mining, they can be present in the well water.

Finally, impure water can damage your teeth through excessive fluoride. Although it helps prevent tooth decay, excessive consumption can lead to skeletal fluorosis. Excessive use of fluoride during the developmental period can also lead to teeth discoloration and pitting. If you have been taking untreated water before, seek local dentist services.

Hydration Can Help You Reduce Injuries

Is 4 water bottles a day good? Yes, very beneficial in reducing injuries and pain. Staying hydrated when recovering from an injury can facilitate faster healing. Hydration reduces inflammation and swelling after an injury by increasing blood flow to deliver nutrients to the injured area.

Also, water helps remove waste products from the injured tissue, making it heal faster. You may also experience joint pains if you stay for a long time dehydrated. So, if you regularly run or do other fitness exercises, staying hydrated is important to lubricate the joints.

According to Limber Health, 80% of the joint cartilage consists of water. The water provides a cushion to prevent joint bones from coming into contact with each other. Synovial joints like knees have joint capsules filled with thick synovial fluid made of water. This gel-like fluid gives the surrounding tissues nutrients, shock absorption, and reduced friction for easy movement.

Mayo Clinic reports the human body is made of 50% to 70% water. As such, staying hydrated can help provide cushioning in case of an accident. Additionally, if you are looking forward to electrolysis treatment, you’d take enough water to relieve the body of pain. And after the electrologist inserts the wire under the skin surface to damage the hair follicle, you’ll heal faster.

Optimal hydration also improves brain health, which involves better nerve functioning. This can help reduce pain during injury. However, if you are involved in a severe accident, consider visiting a pain management clinic for diagnosis. Afterward, you can practice hydration as you heal.

The Healthier You Are, the Happier You’ll Be

Is 4 water bottles a day good? Yes, you’ll stay healthier and happier. According to the Center for Disease Control, proper hydration helps maintain a good body temperature. This helps the body to maintain the internal temperature through homeostasis.

When a good body temperature is maintained, the body stores more energy in the form of ATP, which can be used for essential purposes. It also saves the body cells from damage by excessive heat. Secondly, water helps cushion the joints to prevent friction during exercise. This reduces inflammation around the joints.

Water helps get rid of the waste material from the body. It carries uric acid and other components through the urine and excessive salt and fat through sweating. Additionally, water helps in the easy movement of food in the digestive system. It also facilitates consistent bowel movement by loosening stool around the digestive tract.

When the body is well hydrated, it carries out all the functions easily, thus staying physically, mentally, and psychologically healthy. In addition to water intake, you can change some of the lifestyle to stay healthier. Think of couples counseling to learn better ways to live with your spouse. You can also check on your diet, like high fiber intake.

Is 4 water bottles a day good for an active person? If you love getting sweaty, you may need even more water. It brings about chemical changes in your brain to improve your mood and drive for other activities. If you always feel drained during work, you can do morning exercises and take plenty of water. This will keep your blood clean and help supply enough oxygen to the brain for better functioning.

Healthy Habits Set Good Examples

Is 4 water bottles a day good to set a good health example to society? Health is something you have to work at. For instance, you can help your workmates adopt the healthy habit of hydrating at work. Many people forget to hydrate due to several activities that clog their minds.

Helping others embrace the hydrating culture can set a good example.

Secondly, you can visit local sports tournaments and advocate for taking water. If you have maintained good health and body weight, people will be interested in following your exercise and other body health maintenance routines to stay healthy.

Lifestyle diseases have increased in the modern world due to agricultural and industrial contamination. For instance, methylmercury has affected marine life, and eating affected fish can ruin the baby’s and children’s brain function. As many parents take their children for pediatric physical therapy, you can advocate for simple practices like water-taking in your community to facilitate better results.

Finally, a healthy body sets a good reputation for the community. A well-hydrated and healthy body will help you stay younger and more energetic to participate in many activities like community cleaning. If you can perform some activities meant for youths as you encourage them, you set a good example as an elderly person in the community.

You’ll Stay Healthy as You Age

Is 4 water bottles a day good for older people? As you age, your skin becomes elastic, and the body’s immunity system becomes weak. This exposes you to diseases and other body complications. But water can help you stay healthy as you age.

Water is a vital component of collagen, which keeps the skin healthy and less elastic. Many older people opt for costly facelifts and surgeries like arm lifts and tummy tucks. But if you stay hydrated, your skin can stay healthy and tight, saving you from costly surgeries. Sustaining the collagen also helps you keep the skin moisturized to avoid dryness and cracking.

Staying hydrated also helps supply vital nutrients to different body parts, like the joints. Once your joints have better cushioning, you can walk more and experience less inflammation around the knees and toes. This will save you the time and money you would spend on chiropractors to align the neck, spine, and other body parts. Natural body healing mechanisms will keep you happier as you spend less.

Sufficient fluids in the body will also keep your body organs like the liver, heart, and lungs healthy, as the National Institute of Health reports. People develop heart and lung disease as they age due to reduced bodily fluids. Healthy lungs will help take in enough oxygen for body functioning. Also, a healthy heart is resistant to heart attack and you will save your family from expenses and specialized care practices if they lack money for cardiopulmonary rehab.

You’ll Have No Issue Keeping Pets

Is 4 water bottles a day good for pets and humans? Although water intake is good for all humans and animals, the amount of water for pets and humans may differ. Pets suffer urinary tract issues as well as various injuries. You will have your pets playing with kids around the yard, and they will experience mild to severe injuries.

Apart from acquiring a well-behaved pet friend from a dog behavior trainer, you must take care of them in several ways. And considering you have developed a habit of hydrating your body, you’ll never neglect your pet. You’ll help them maintain energy levels, good body temperature, and faster recovery and healing in case of injuries.

Taking care of your health also indicates you can consult the best animal hospitals and vets about caring for your pets. Also, bonding with a healthy pet can increase fitness, lower stress, and increase happiness in your home, as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports. As such, keeping your pet healthy will also improve your body health.

Is 4 water bottles a day good? It will depend on your health, physical activities, and living area. If you live in tropical regions, your body can excrete more water leading to increased water intake. Your body also has some mechanisms to inform you that it needs water. For example, thirst and dark-colored urine indicate you need to increase your water intake.

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