Heres How Behavioral Therapy Works

As the video “What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy [CBT]?” explains, behavioral therapy is a type of psychotherapy used to help people recognize and change problematic behaviors. It’s effective for treating depression, anxiety disorders, and specific phobias. Behavioral therapists will help the patient to identify where the problematic behavior stems from and replace it with more positive behaviors.

For example, suppose a person is afraid of dogs because they were bitten by one as a child. In that case, they would learn to identify when they feel afraid of dogs.

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They would then work with their therapist to create coping mechanisms. With behavioral therapy, they would know how not to be scared or in contact with them as much.

Behavioral therapy is a scientifically backed method of treating certain phobias, such as social and specific phobias. Patients can make more rational decisions about their lives by being aware of their feelings. As a result, patients can overcome their problems more quickly and efficiently than if they didn’t have therapy.

The therapy allows patients to build up their emotional intelligence. With this, they’ll better understand how their brain functions. They’ll also learn how to recognize when they feel anxious or afraid and be able to cope in these situations instead of responding with fear and anxiety.


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