Walk Through Your First Physical Therapist Appointments

Physical therapy is necessary if a person’s mobility has been affected, either through injury or illness. A physical therapist will take the patient through specific treatment and exercises to address the issue. This video highlights what to expect on the patient’s first day of physical therapy.

So, what can you expect before physical therapist appointments? Before the physical therapy appointments, the physical therapist will obtain all the relevant information such as x-rays, scans, and MRIs. This is to ensure that the doctor’s goals and patient’s expectations are addressed.

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On the first day, the physical therapist will sit with the patient, take down the medical history and assess the problem the patient is facing. The therapist will find out the goals of the patient.

The therapist then physically evaluates the patient to find out the range of motion, mobility, balance, and strength and assess any limitations. At the end of the session, the patient gets a customized home exercise program with which they can start working with immediately. Ensure you wear comfortable, loose clothing for your appointments. Find a clinic close to you and book the appointment so the issue is addressed in good time.

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