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Growing Your Hair Information You Should Know About A Hair Transplant

In the United States, it is no secret that the American people take their physical appearance seriously. For them, their physical appearance is important. After all, our appearance is the first element people gauge about us before we even speak. So, some women use makeup to enhance their physical appearance. Men and women both participate in exercise to achieve a certain body shape for their physical appearance. Men and women even experiment with different hairstyles to revamp their physical appearance. However, in terms of hair this can be impossible for some. This is because there are American people who suffer from hair loss, thinning hair, or balding. In fact, 35 million men in the United States alone are suffering from hair loss or baldness. In addition, men who are fifty years old and older, have thinning hair. This is 95% of men to be exact. Needless to say, this hair condition is common in men. Although, women also experience hair loss and visit a female hair loss specialist for their hair needs. But, it can really affect a person’s physical appearance and confidence. If you’re enduring a hair condition, here is information you should know about a hair transplant.

How To Treat Hair Loss

There are many different treatments you can try for hair loss. However, one hair treatment is very advanced, simple, and successful. This treatment is a type of hair transplant. It’s called a fue hair transplant. If you’re not familiar with this hair transplant, it is definitely one you should consider for ideal hair results. Are you ready to get your hair back?

Fue Hair Transplant

Fue stands for follicular unit extraction. This method is one of the most common methods to help individuals gain their hair back. This is considered a minor surgical procedure. This isn’t a difficult procedure or concept, however. During a fue hair transplant, a specialist with harvest a group of hair from your scalp. This could be an individual hair or a handful from the stronger area of your scalp. Specialist will call this your donor area. This hair is then given to the area of your scalp that is experiencing hair loss, thinning, or balding. There are many various benefits to completing a fue hair transplant. You definitely will not regret this procedure.

Outpatient: You do not have to worry about recovery time or switching your schedule around. A fue hair transplant is a same day, outpatient procedure. After the procedure you can go straight home and get back to your life with a full head of hair!

Scarring: This is another element you do not have to worry about with a fue hair transplant. For some other procedures, you may experiencing noticeable scarring. However, not with a fue hair transplant! This procedure does not require stitches or any incision marks. Therefore, there is no way you’ll have scarring. You can wear your hair any way you like without scars showing.

Recovery Time: As previously mentioned, you can get back to your life with a full head of hair! Typically, the recovery time for a fue hair transplant is one day. You can get back to your daily routine the day after you have the procedure done.

Type Of Hair Loss/Scalp: If your hair loss occurs at the back of your head or you have a softer scalp, you have the qualities that also make a fue hair transplant possible and successful. While typically anyone can have a fue hair transplant for their hair conditions, individuals with balding at the back of the head, or softer scalps cannot participate in all different types of transplants. Instead, a fue hair transplant is ideal for them. This is because during a fue hair transplant, a specialist can, in fact, harvest hair from other parts of the body if need be. So, if this sounds like what you’re experiencing, a fue hair transplant is ideal!

Natural, Thick Hair: Sometimes, individuals can tell your hair isn’t real. Well, you do not have to worry about that with a fue hair transplant! You’ll have real, natural, thick hair! Say goodbye to baldness and hello to confidence!

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