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CBD A Beginner’s Guide

The list of natural remedies for anxiety is seemingly endless: meditation, specific diet, exercise, etc. But one natural remedy you are likely hearing more about these days is Cannabidiol, or CBD. With sales predicted to soar from 1.8 billion in 2022 to 20 billion just two years later, the buzz around CBD and its numerous uses is proving to be more than just a flash in the pan. Here are a few things to know to decide if CBD oil for anxiety is a good choice for you.


The recent rise in popularity of CBD usage betrays its history; hemp, a type of cannabis plant from which CBD can be derived, has been used for over 5,000 years to create clothing, rope, and more. Additionally, while for years marijuana has been anecdotally touted as an excellent source of relief for a range of physical and mental discomforts, it is just recently, with updated laws permitting hemp-derived CBD with a THC (the psychoactive part of marijuana that gives the “high” feeling) content under 0.3%, that this potential relief is legally available to millions more.


Research on the effects of THC free CBD oil for anxiety and pain is steadily building, and some evidence in both animal studies and short human trials point to the possibility of CBD providing relief. Proponents of utilizing CBD oil for anxiety tout its calming effects and ability to aid with sleep, and those who use CBD oil for pain relief claim anti-inflammatory properties. Clinical trials are ongoing and researchers continue to try and assess CBD’s potential benefits.


There are numerous methods from which to choose when it comes to administering CBD, from edibles to sublingual oil to vaping. So what’s better about one over another? Your own specific needs and whether or not you have any particular aversions should drive your decision. (For example, CBD oil under the tongue can have a very earthy taste, which may be off-putting for some). Also consider the fact dosing guesswork is not a factor with edibles, whereas other delivery methods are a bit more trial and error.

CBD research is still in its infancy. Because there is some evidence that CBD can interact with other medications, talk to your doctor about the ways you can benefit from CBD.

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