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Find Relief from Chronic Pain Caused by Shingles

Shingles is a disease commonly associated with older adults that impacts the nerves causing pain. The pain is often described as either a shooting pain, tingling, itching, or burning. Many people also experience a skin rash or blisters in the pain areas.

Shingles are caused by the varicella-zoster virus, which also causes chickenpox, which are commonly found in young children. The virus lives in the nerve cells and can reemerge at any point. Having had chicken pox or having the virus in your body does not guarantee you will get shingles. The severity of symptoms is different from person to person. In addition to the pain and rash, many people also experience a skin sensitivity, which causes pain or discomfort when touched.

Although most people feel no ongoing symptoms after the disease has cleared in three to five weeks, some individuals experience ongoing pain after the shingles have appeared to be cleared up. For those people, the lasting pain is often seen as the worst part of the overall disease. This pain can lead to depression, anxiety, and fatigue as it is mentally and physical draining to live with chronic pain.

The pain caused by shingles can be debilitating for many. Often times when pain is not caused by an obvious source like a bulging disc, migraine, or arthritis, it can often be difficult for a person to explain to their physician, or they may be hesitant to ask for help due to not knowing how to define it.

Despite the potential for difficulty in explaining, it is important to seek medical help for chronic pain. no one should have to live like that. Pain management doctors can work with you to find a way to minimize or eliminate the pain, so you can function normally. The goal is always to maintain your quality of living, which often includes addressing the source of chronic pain.

It is important to go to a pain management center when dealing with chronic pain. There is only so much a family physician or primary care physician can do. Additionally, they may be hesitant to offer pain management solutions due to the tracking and limitations on prescribing prescription pain medications.

While shingles is typically seen as a disease that only impacts elderly people, that is not the case. While it is often later in life when people are impacted by shingles, once you have chickenpox, shingles is an option. Young adults can just as easily get shingles as older adults, and the pain it causes can last well being the disease clearing up.

It it important to seek medical attention as soon as you know you have shingles. That way you can consult with a pain management specialist to have a plan in place for the potential of ongoing nerve pain. The downside of nerve pain is it is often not localized; it can move and spread throughout your body. It can also come and go with little to no warning.

When you are experiencing pain that impacts your ability to work, care for your family, or simply get through your day, you need to get help regardless of your age or activity level. If you start to feel the impact of depression or anxiety, which can often be caused by living with chronic pain, you need to be completely honest and clear with your doctors about those feelings as well.

The best approach to health is a holistic approach. Don’t just focus on the symptoms that you think are the worst. Explain everything you are experiencing to your doctors, so they can assist you in a holistic way to get you fully recovered and back to optimal health.

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