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The Importance Of The Urgent Care Clinic

If you’re looking for comprehensive medical care, consider seeking out urgent care services from an urgent care center near you. Urgent care centers and urgent care services are often more thorough and all encompassing than many people realize. On top of this, there are many other benefits to seeking out urgent care services over other types of medical services that might be available to you.

For one, urgent care centers are open far more frequently than the typical general care practitioner’s office, with up to eighty five percent of them open every single day of the week. Having every day access to urgent care services can be ideal for people who are trying to avoid taking time off of work, and can be great for those who have otherwise busy schedules.

And many urgent care locations provide urgent care services early in the morning and later into the evening than the typical doctor’s office. In fact, more than sixty five percent of urgent care centers are open earlier than nine in the morning, and nearly half will even be open on the weekend days as well. In addition to this, many urgent care locations provide urgent care services past seven in the evening as well – more than ninety percent of them – and some even have their urgent care location open past nine in the evening (up to forty percent of all urgent care locations).

And the typical urgent care clinic is usually able to provide a wide variety of urgent care services to the patients that come to them for care – even services that some might have previously thought to be too complicated for urgent care clinics. For one, up to eighty percent of all urgent care locations are able to conduct the diagnosis and treatment of fractures. And up to seventy percent of urgent care clinics (seven urgent care locations out of every ten) can provide urgent care services in the form of IV fluids, something that can be vital to a person that has become dehydrated due to illness or even just excessive sun exposure.

Of course, an even wider array of urgent care services are available. Wound repair, sometimes even wound repair that involves stitches, is often performed in any given urgent care location. And minor illnesses can also be diagnosed and treated, such as the urinary tract infection, incredibly common in women of a reproductive age, and ear infections, which are hugely prevalent among the age group of young children.

Urgent care centers also often see cases of the flu, which can effect up to twenty percent of the entire population of the United States if it is a particularly bad year for the flu. And even though the flu is a virus and cannot be cured through the use of antibiotics, administering an anti viral medication when the illness first develops can help to reduce the severity of the disease and can lessen the chance that other complications will develop as a reaction to it.

And urgent care centers can also often provide urgent care services in the form of vaccinations against the flu. Flu vaccinations are incredibly important to get for everyone who is over the age of six months, as they can reduce the likelihood that you will contract the flu while it rages rampant throughout the country. And while unfortunately no flue vaccine will be one hundred percent effective in preventing you from getting the flu (and some years have more effective flu vaccines available than others), getting a flu vaccine can still improve your chances of staying healthy. And even if you do get the flu, having had the flu vaccine will lessen the severity of it considerably.

Urgent care centers also have short waiting times, making them ideal for any person who is squeezing in their urgent care center visit into a very busy schedule. In fact, up to sixty perfect of all urgent care centers in the United States – considerably more than half of them – have wait times that are no more than fifteen minutes. And more than ninety percent of urgent cares have wait times that are no longer than thirty.

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