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How to Recognize the Symptoms of the Top 3 Most Common Mental Health Disorders

The first week of October is national Mental Illness Awareness Week. Mental health has garnered more attention in recent years. The importance of early intervention for common mental issues cannot be stressed enough. One of the biggest issues surrounding mental illness is secrecy, which helps no one. Identifying the problem and seeking help require a certain amount of bravery.

Here’s Why It’s Vital That Everyone Knows the Symptoms of These Mental Conditions.

It can be difficult to understand what’s going on if you are suffering from a mental illness. Knowing the symptoms of the most common issues can help a patient identify their problem early. The longer a person goes without help, the harder it can be to seek outside help. They might begin to assume there is no solution, when there always is help available.

Depression: Who Is Effected, And How Can They Find Help?

On average, nearly 80% of people with depression who sought help see an improvement in their symptoms within about a month or so. This is good news, but it is not popularized enough. As many as two thirds of people do not seek out adequate treatment for their depression.

Common signs of depression include an overwhelming feeling of hopelessness, a loss of enjoyment in once-loved activities, and an inability to see how things might improve overtime. Depression is a form of mental illness that is nearly impossible to overcome on one’s own. Therefore, seeking the services of doctors, therapists, and of course family and friends is crucial to recovery.

What Are the Real ADHD Symptoms to Watch Out For?

Attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD symptoms can be difficult for the average person to spot. A very rambunctious child might be said to show common ADHD symptoms. These can include a propensity for continuous movement, a lack of follow-though, and a difficulty initiating new tasks.

ADHD symptoms can be difficult to spot on one’s own. This is why the disorder is commonly diagnosed after a thorough examination of the person’s behavior in different settings. It is important to keep in mind that ADHD symptoms can be present in adults as well as children. About 4% of adults actually experience ADHD symptoms everyday.

Is Anxiety Just a Part of the Modern Adult Brain Now?

About 40 million people have an anxiety disorder, making it the most prevalent mental health issue currently. Anxiety symptoms include excessive worrying, mental and physical fatigue, irritability, and hyper-vigilance. Insomnia can compound the problem by making it difficult for the patient to make rational decisions.

Recognizing the signs of mental illness are the the first steps toward recovery. The brain is a remarkable thing, one that needs occasional upkeep. If you recognize the signs of mental Illness within yourself, do not be afraid to seek outisde help.

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