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Facts on Low Testosterone Treatment Options

Low t treatment options

Over the past 50 years, two industries have managed to expand and improve in unpredictable ways that have surprised and shocked many. These two industries are both the industry of technology, and the medical industry. While I am not here to argue which is more important, it is important to note that they have both benefited from the advancement of another.

Technology has brought forth a new age, the information age. This new wave of information has changed the culture around us and has broken many of the molds we saw before. One of those molds involves the medical treatment of male adults in the United States.

There are many issues that can bother men, weight gain, fatigue, hair loss, and even a hormone loss. These types of issues are important because often men overlook the significance of their health. Here is what you should know about low testosterone treatment options for men.

There are now more low testosterone treatment options for men than ever before because people are now taking this issue seriously. Before men would look past health issues that were serious, but because the culture around us has changed, things are now different. Understand that there are a reported number of 13 million men in the United States that may be suffering from having low testosterone.

From man to man, testosterone levels will vary and will be different. These testosterone levels are can decrease every year after the age of 30 by at least 1%. Normal levels of testosterone are going to be anywhere between 300 and 1,200 nanograms per deciliter and can change and fluctuate throughout the course of any given day. Low testosterone treatment options have been created in order to help these people overcome their lack of testosterone.

40% of all men that are over the age of 45 have low testosterone in the United States. 38% of all testicular cancer survivors suffered from low testosterone levels, which is also known as hypogonadism. Between the ages of 20 and 30 are the most likely times in which a man’s testosterone levels will typically peak, after that all men can be at risk for having a reduction of their testosterone.

90% of all men that suffer from low testosterone will never receive any treatment in the form of low testosterone treatment options. This can be damaging because these men will never be able to get the testosterone back that they lose. Obese men are 2 times more likely to have low testosterone as opposed to men that are in shape.

Untreated low testosterone can lead to other issues as well unless you seek out low testosterone treatment options. Understand that 23% of all young men with newly diagnosed low testosterone was diagnosed with depression when compared to only 5% of their peers that have normal testosterone levels.

In Conclusion

The industry of providing low testosterone treatment options is increasing more and more as time goes on. The global market for testosterone replacement therapy is projected to reach about $3.4 billion by the year of 2022. Even though about 90% of all men are untreated for having low testosterone levels, there are going to be more and more low testosterone treatment options available for men that seek their aid in the future. Before there was an even a stigma that was negative surrounding being diagnosed for prostate cancer. Prostate cancer is incredibly fatal for older men, and now they are finally coming around to getting properly diagnosed. Take care of yourself, and make sure you are fully healthy so you can enjoy your life.

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