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Three Ways To Get Into Shape

Health is important and at the end of the day it can even be all that we have. After all, you just have to eat your vegetables and walk a lot, right? Unfortunately, it is often far more complicated than that, with many people struggling to fit even a little bit of exercise into their daily routines. Eating right can be difficult too, as finding the time to prep and prepare healthy meals is not always as simple as it sounds. For busy working people with families and high stress jobs, sometimes it seems far easier – and more palatable – to simply order take out. And with fast food often being incredibly cheap, it can be hard to see the financial incentive of buying fresh produce, some of which can end up being quite expensive, depending on your location in the country and the time of year.

The population of obese people is growing in the United States and now more than one third of all people are medically considered to be obese. On top of this, many more people are overweight even if they are not yet technically obese. These people, combined with the population of obese people, make up more than two thirds of all residents here in the United States. If you’re curious about how obesity is diagnosed, it’s through the calculation of the BMI – or body mass index. The BMI takes into account your height as well as your weight and this gives a more accurate portrayal as to whether or not you are overweight, as someone who weighs one height at six feet tall is likely to have a much different BMI than someone who weighs that exact same height but is only five feet tall. All in all, a healthy BMI tends to be in the low to mid 20s. If your BMI hits or exceeds 30, you are considered to be obese.

Fortunately, many people are taking steps to lose weight, with more than half of all of the people in the United States on some sort of weight loss plan (fifty four percent, to be exact). But around eighty percent of them are trying to do it alone, and as many as fifty percent feel that they are struggling or failing to meet their weight loss goals primarily because they lack the discipline to do so. So how can you most effectively lose weight?

1. Hire a healthy lifestyle coach.

A healthy lifestyle coach can help you to get on the path towards wellness. A healthy wellness coach will be able to provide you with things such as personal weight loss goals, a lifestyle meal plan, and a personalized weight loss plan. Most importantly of all, however, is that a healthy weight loss coach can help to provide the encouragement that you need to meet these goals that are set for you. After all, it has been found that having a strong support system such as a healthy lifestyle coach is important to more than half of all people who are trying to lose weight and get healthy here in the United States (seventy percent of them, to be more exact).

2. Work with a nutritionist

Aside from hiring a healthy lifestyle coach, you should, if at all possible, be working closely with a nutritionist. Diet is the foundation of a healthy life, but it can be difficult to ensure that you are eating right at least the majority of the time and getting enough vitamins and other such nutrients. A nutritionist can work closely with you to great meal plans and dietary guidelines to follow, and can set you up for long lasting success with your diet, even after you have lost the desired amount of weight.

3. Don’t give up

Your healthy lifestyle coach can tell you this, but it won’t always be easy. A healthy lifestyle coach can help to guide you through the rough patches where weight loss plateaus, and a healthy lifestyle coach will also be able to remind you that it’s not all about weight loss but about your overall health as well. When it comes to weight loss, slow and steady wins the race.

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