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3 Ways to Keep Your Sunglasses Protected

Sunglasses allow people to look great while also protecting their eyes. With that in mind, many people love the stylish look of Oakley sunglasses. However, it’s hard for your Oakley sunglasses to look their best if they aren’t in good shape. Oakley makes high quality sunglasses, meaning it’s wise to learn how to care for them. Considering that, here are three simple tips for keeping your Oakley sunglasses safe.

  1. Purchase a Carrying Case

    There are times when you’ll need to store your sunglasses. Unfortunately, many people leave their sunglasses wherever there’s space. This can lead to broken frames, scratched lenses, and many other problems. Therefore, it’s wise to purchase a carrying case for your sunglasses. In order to avoid scratches, place the glasses face up in your case.
  2. Gently Clean Your Oakley Sunglasses Lenses

    Smudged lenses can make wearing sunglasses a potentially dangerous experience. Therefore, it’s important to regularly clean your lenses. You’ll want to use a bit of cleaning liquid for your lenses as dry wiping could scratch a lens. If you’ve recently lost your lenses, don’t worry. You’ll find that Oakley sunglasses replacement lenses are relatively easy to obtain. However, make sure you’re ordering the correct Oakley replacement lens. For instance, Oakley Batwolf lenses look different than those for other models.
  3. Checking the Screws of Your Sunglasses

    If you look closely at the frames of your sunglasses, you should see tiny screws. These screws are meant to hold your sunglasses together. Considering they’re location, these screws can sometimes start to loosen. You’ll typically notice this as the screws will begin to come out of their previous location. A few simple turns from a miniature screwdriver will secure any loose screws.

In closing, there are a few important ways to keep your sunglasses in great condition. Oakley is an incredibly popular sunglasses company. One reason for this is their distinctive lenses. For example, Oakley Batwolf lenses are made of a single lens rather than two separate squares. Whether you need Oakley Offshoot lenses or a Batwolf lens, it’s wise to find these products online. In turn, you’ll save yourself a lot of time and effort.

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