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The Average ER Visitor Pays Over $1,300 For A Single Visit The Benefits Of The Urgent Care Facility

Not all injuries and illnesses need the same attention. A bout with the common cold may require a few days’ worth of bed rest. A headache that persists after a week, on the other hand, may require you visit your local urgent care facility. Knowing how to differentiate between your healthcare is key to receiving quality treatment and saving money…

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Urgent Care Facilities Often Offer Confidential STD Testing For Women and Men

Although there are several home STD testing kits available online, many people still opt to go to urgent care facilities, also known as walk in health clinics, to undergo the STD testing process. Remarkably, there are over 20 million new cases of sexually transmitted diseases reported every year in America, and many go undiagnosed. Experts recommend that sexually active individuals…

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