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3 Wheelchair-Friendly Activities to for Kids This Summer

With summer in full swing, coming up with new things every day for your child can be a challenge, especially when all businesses and playgrounds have limited wheelchair accessibility. If your child has limited mobility, here are three wheelchair-friendly activities to keep your child healthy and active this summer.

1. Kayaking or Paddling

Summer is typified by spending time near or on the water — kayaking is a great aerobic exercise that strengthens your child’s upper body and improves their balance. Kayaking is great because kayaks have single seats and double seats in case you want to be close to your child. Many kayaks can also be fitted with supportive seat backs and armrests to make offer your child a self-reliant experience.

2. Horseback Riding

If you want to get your child engaged in a new activity, look no further than horseback riding. Not only will your child interact with animals, they will improve their strength and balance as they are led on guided trails designed for safety. Modified saddles enable those in wheelchairs to ride in comfort with special supports. If your child enjoys horses and wants to rent one, this can be a great way to get your child into a more active lifestyle while also teaching them important lessons in responsibility

3. Summer Camps

This is a great way to get your child interested in leading a more active lifestyle. Many summer camps rely on activity combined with learning to engage children of all ages. Not only will your child be in a community of peers, they can learn about local wildlife and participate in team-building activities. Consider purchasing off road wheelchair tires before you send your child to camp — with many parks forming wheelchair accessible trails, inclusive excursions are more accessible than ever.

In America alone, there are over three million people that use a wheelchair that are over 15 years old. By changing up your wheelchair tires or by making small wheelchair alterations, there are innumerable activities you can do with your child this summer. Whether you have a younger child or a teenager, there are great ways to stem summer break boredom get your child engaged in a more active lifestyle.

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