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Can a Trip to Urgent Care Be More Convenient Than Waiting For a Traditional Appointment?

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The Urgent Care Association of America insists that nearly 3 million patients come through their doors each week. A walk in urgent care clinic is a more attractive option for some patients, depending on a few key factors. It is not uncommon for an urgent care facility to meet the needs of the average patient who is short on time.

When Your Doctor Doesn’t Have Walk In Care Available, Try Urgent Care Instead.

It is a known fact that seeing your primary physician on short notice can be difficult. This is not a problem every single patient may run into, however it is a reality for many Americans. Unexpected minor illnesses and injuries are not the emergency situation that sends a person to go to the emergency room. Yet they still cannot or should not wait a week or more to receive treatment.

Short On Time? How an Urgent Care Center Might Offer Quick Turn-Around Times.

Many walk in clinics boast wait times of less than 45 minutes, with many patients even being seen and sent on their way within an hour. This is possible by two key factors. One, many urgent care clinics make it a point to have a physician on hand at all times. Secondly, the clinic usually sees patients with specific injuries or illnesses, such as a minor fracture, low grade fever, or lower back pain.

Offering care for non-emergencies allows patients to get in and out faster. As many as four out of every five clinics provide fracture care, making a walk in clinic an attractive option over the necessary triage of the emergency room.

Do Your Work Hours Work With Your Doctor’s Office?

If your job situation makes popping into the doctor’s office difficult, an urgent care facility could be the answer. Many facilities are open hours that are not offered by the average general physician’s office. These extra open hours include time before work, after work, and in many cases on weekends.

Extra hours can be a life-saver when it comes to rowdy children. A minor fracture on the weekend could easily be treated at an urgent care center, instead of the nearest emergency room. Of course, it is best to check the hours and services provided before going to a location. A quick internet search can tell you the nearest location that would suit your situation best.

Walk in urgent care locations can be a great addition to any health care plan. It does not replace a visit to your primary care physician or the emergency room of course. However, it can be a great option for when life’s unexpected twists leaves you is discomfort.

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