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What You Should Know About Your Local Urgent Care Center

If you’re looking to get prompt and comprehensive medical care, consider your local urgent care center. Such a medical clinic can treat a wide array of conditions – and can even perform a number of other medical procedures, such as that as your typical TB test, as well. Urgent care locations are even ideal, in comparison to the local emergency room in particular, for so many reasons.

For one thing, you can get medical help at such a walk in clinic in far less time than what would be possible in the typical emergency room. While you’d likely see wait times as long as one full hour – if not even longer – in your typical emergency room, more than 90% of all urgent care locations have total average wait times that do not even exceed a mere half of an hour. In addition to this, more than half of all urgent care centers actually have an average wait time that is not even longer than 15 minutes (around 60% of them, to be just a bit more exact on the matter).

On top of this, the availability of urgent care treatment is actually quite immense as well. For one thing, there are now more than 7,000 different urgent care centers found throughout the country. This means that the nearest urgent care clinic to you is likely not all that far away, all things considered. And up to 20,000 local doctors are employed at these urgent care walk in clinics, meaning that the quality of the care provided is high. In fact, only around 3% of all patients who first go to an urgent care location will ever need to be transferred to an ER for a higher level of care. Conversely, however, recent research suggests that up to 65% of all ER patients could have easily instead received their care in a local walk in clinic, something that would have likely saved them time as well as a good deal of money, especially when you consider that your average emergency room visit can easily cost upwards of $1,000.

If you’re looking to get a TB testing done, you can likely get one performed at your local urgent care center. In addition to the TB test, a number of other vaccines and tests can also be performed. As things like the TB testing procedure and other vaccinations and the like must be performed before someone is allowed to take a job or even enter into the typical school environment, the ease of access to such things as a TB test is a must. Fortunately, getting a TB testing procedure and the like have become easier than ever before, and it’s all thanks to the typical urgent care center.

In addition to preventative care measures such as that of the TB testing procedure that is protocol for so many institutions, wound care is also prominent in many an urgent care center. Sprained ankles, of which there are up to 25,000 in a single day (and all within just the United States alone, for that matter) can easily be treated in an urgent care location. And up to a full 80% of all urgent care locations are actually able to treat and diagnose fractures as well.

And in addition to TB testing and wound care both is the care of regular and everyday illnesses. After all, there are more than eight million urinary tract infections (more commonly known as UTIs) diagnosed on a yearly basis, and many cases will be seen in none other than urgent care locations throughout the country. In addition to UTIs, ear infections are also hugely common, mostly among children (thanks, in many cases, to their facial structure and the overall shape of their heads). In total, many cases of infection, of TB testing, and of injury can all be seen and adequately (and promptly, for that matter) be treated in the typical urgent care center.

At the end of the day, there are many ways to get medical care. In today’s world, the urgent care center is just one valid way to do so.

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