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5 Reasons We Go to the Dermatologist

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Why do people go to see a dermatologist? From acne treatment options to cosmetic dermatology, here are all the facts about America’s visits to a dermatologist.

Skin Care Stats

Dermatology is a growing business. Our skin renews itself every 28 days, which makes it one of the most interesting parts of the body to study. The skincare specialist employment field is set to grow by 14% in the next few years, by 2026, and that is faster than than average when compared to all other occupations.

The Dermatologist Helps Diagnose and Prevent Skin Cancer

One good reason people are visiting their dermatologist is cancer. Every day, approximately 9,500 people get diagnosed with skin cancer in the United States. One in every five people will be develop it at some point in their life time. Right now, a million of us are living with melanoma, and 178,560 new cases will be diagnosed over the course of 2018.

We Are Destroying Our Skin

The number one destroyer of human skin is sun exposure over time. The sun is hard enough, and we’re not very good at protecting ourselves when we go out. Not only that, but we’re also a bit obsessed with tanning. Tanning isn’t any better for your skin, and someone needs to tell that to the girls and women under 29 who make up 70% of any tanning salon’s patrons.

We Need Surgery

One reason people go to see aestheticians is for advice on plastic surgery. If you’re thinking of plastic surgery as something people do to make themselves look like a movie star, think again. Medical dermatology uses plastic surgery to help people regain their lives after accidents, surgeries, or because of genetic issues that make breathing difficult, among other thing. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) says that in 2016 people in the United States spent over $15 billion on surgical and non-surgical aesthetician services; an increase of 11% over the year before. Other forms of surgical dermatology can help with varicose veins, as well.

Some of Us Need Help With Acne

Acne affects everyone, not just teenagers, and lots of people still struggle with it into later life. Some acne can be dealt with using over-the-counter treatments, but many forms cannot. A dermatologist is the right call if a person needs prescription treatment to fit their skin needs and personal preferences.

There are a lot of reasons to see a dermatologist, from looking out best to long-term personal health. If you notice changes to your skin that you’re concerned about; if you have acne that won’t go away; if you’re in need of cosmetic dermatology to fix an issue of the face, head, or neck; or if you just want your skin to look and perform its best all the time, consider finding a good dermatologist near you. You might be surprised at how many options there are for improving your skin!

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