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3 Ways Technology Helps Senior Citizens With Mobility

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Many people find that aging comes with having limited mobility. In fact, statistics show that nearly 53 people living throughout the United States live with some form of disability. In addition, the most common types of disabilities are those associated with limited mobility. It’s understandable to do everything possible to ensure that the senior citizen you are living with or caring for is able to enjoy each day with a sense of freedom. Many people are beginning to realize how certain technological innovations enable both seniors and those caring for them to have easier lives. With that in mind, here are three ways that technology enables senior citizens to experience increase mobility.

  1. Automatic Door Openers

    Unfortunately, a senior citizen can face dealing with a lot of potential injuries while in their own houses. In fact, statistics show that over 50% of falls that happen to senior citizens while they are within their homes. It’s worth noting that a bathroom fall is one of the main senior citizens suffer injuries after a fall. In many cases, these rooms contain tile that prevents these individuals from having a softer landing than they would in a carpeted room. Therefore, certain innovations are able to help a senior citizen get in and out of a room in order to notify someone that they need assistance. You’ll find that these handicap automatic door openers are relatively inexpensive and easy to have installed. In turn, you can rest assured that a senior citizen will never have trouble closing or opening a door in the future. You’ll also find that it’s wise to have bathroom grab bars installed throughout the home of a senior citizen you are caring for.
  2. Electric Wheelchair Lifts

    It’s recommended that senior citizens are able to regularly get outside of their homes. Unfortunately, it used to be much more difficult to transport a senior who was confined to a wheelchair. Anyone who has helped a senior recover from a bathroom fall knows how much effort it can take to ensure this person is back up and safe again. That being said, technology has come a long way in helping senior citizen to easily enter and exit their homes. One device that has immensely helped those in wheelchairs are known as electric wheelchair lifts. These lifts utilize electric power which ensures that no one has to worry about picking up this heavy object.
  3. Stair Lifts for Home Staircases

    In certain situations, senior citizens will be living in homes that feature multiple stories. Unfortunately, it can be difficult for senior citizens with mobility issues to safely walk up and down stairs each day. In fact, statistics show that nearly 6.8 people within the United States to help aid them in regards to mobility. Considering that, you might want to consider having a stair lift installed that is meant to be used on home staircases. These lifts are able to transport seniors up and down stairs in a safe and efficient manner.

To summarize, there are several ways that technology has helped to keep senior citizens safe within their homes. If you are currently living or caring for a senior, it’s wise to utilize these devices in order to help make your life more manageable. Automatic door openers are beneficial to have in the event that a senior needs to reach you after a bathroom fall takes place. Electric wheelchairs lifts are essential to utilize in order to transport a senior in and out of both home and vehicles easier than normal. In addition, there are stair lifts that can be installed within a home that enables senior citizens to easily travel up and down stairs with ease.

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