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Are You Showing Signs Of Early Menopause?

Bioidentical hormone therapy

Feeling a little low on estrogen? Estrogen supplements have you covered.

Now, this isn’t something to necessarily take willy-nilly. Your hormones have a very big impact on your quality of life, after all, and going crazy with your bioidentical hormone therapy can create some devastating consequences. Hormone imbalance treatment is designed to help you improve your physical and emotional health, supplementing your body’s natural functions with an extra boost it’s just not getting. Give yourself a boost in knowledge by reading about common symptoms below and see if you can’t benefit from some estrogen supplements this year.

Your Acne Is Out-Of-Control And Impossible To Treat

A surefire sign you have a hormonal balance is chronic acne that just won’t quit. Acne is a uniquely frustrating skin condition that, despite being very widespread, can seem impossible to treat at times. Your skin produces oil on a regular basis to remain soft and smooth, but too much can cause your pores to clog and produce whiteheads, blackheads and cystic bumps. Cystic acne, in particular, is characterized by damaging multiple layers of the skin and leaving significant scars. Estrogen supplements can be one such solution to clearing up your skin and returning your confidence one dose at a time.

You Can’t Sleep, Experience Hot Flashes And Are Tired For No Reason

A cluster of frustrating symptoms that seem to come out of nowhere and stubbornly stick around no matter your best efforts are a common sign of a hormone imbalance. Menopause can cause you to struggle to sleep, change your diet and gain weight without provocation, leaving you frustrated and wondering where you could’ve gone wrong. Fluctuating estrogen levels can crop up in your 30’s and 40’s, with menstruating frequently to on-and-off being one of the most well-known signs of a change in your hormone levels. Menopause before 40 is considered early and should be considered a possibility when you visit the doctor.

You’re Starting To Near Your Middle-Aged Years

This leads us to the next part on the list. The older you get, the more unreliable your hormones are. The average age of menopause starts to show up at age 51, but it can start to encroach as much as a decade earlier. Levels of testosterone function much the same, rising and falling throughout puberty only to steadily decrease after the age of 30. Your diet and additional health issues can have an impact on your hormone levels, to boot. One-third of all men with type 2 diabetes have also been found to have very low testosterone levels.

You Want To Live Your Healthiest Life Possible

If you’re fortunate enough not to struggle with cystic acne or have a properly functioning period, you may just want to look into bioidentical hormone therapy to live your healthiest life. Human-identical hormones were originally introduced all the way back in the 1930’s, offered to people of varying ages, backgrounds and diets to keep them feeling steady year-round. Balancing out your hormones with estrogen replacement can help you lose weight, sleep better and even feel better. Mood swings are a common element of menopause and can crop up with even a mild dip in your testosterone.

How To Receive Hormone Treatment

As stated above? Don’t dive headfirst into your estrogen supplements without knowing what you’re up against. A visit to your hormone treatment center can figure out what’s missing in your body’s natural processes and prescribe you the correct supplements to help you out. It’s estimated over 13 million American men suffer from low testosterone and the amount of women reaching early menopause (defined as any menopause that happens before the age of 40) is getting higher. Far from a cure-all, estrogen supplements will nip your symptoms in the bud and return you to where you were before everything went upside down.

See if hormone replacement therapy can’t have you feeling more like your old self again.

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