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Reasons To See A Dermatology Specialist

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We should all be aware of signs of skin cancer. From an abnormal mole to a sudden difference in skin texture, it’s important to schedule an appointment with a dermatology specialist as soon as we notice something different about our skin. After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry. In fact, many dermatologists will conduct yearly skin checks for people with a high number of moles, just to make sure that none of them have changed or become concerning. If necessary, a dermatology specialist can conduct a mole removal and test the mole for any cancer cells.

If a mole comes back cancerous, a dermatology specialist might want to do a MOHS procedure. MOHS surgery involves a removal of cancerous cells from the affected area. Though it is more invasive than a simple mole removal and involves removing a larger chunk of skin, it is well worth it to remove the risk of the skin cancer spreading. MOHS surgery scars can also be mostly covered up with a reconstructive procedure, leaving your skin looking as if almost nothing every happened to it. Skin cancer can be frightening, but a dermatology specialist will do everything in their power to keep it from spreading or requiring further cancer treatments.

A skin care specialist can also provide skin care services that have nothing to do with cancer and are purely for a cosmetic benefit (as well as the benefit of the overall health of your skin). Botox injections are becoming more and more popular to smooth fine lines and restore the appearance of youth. A Botox injection can be used to treat a number of conditions as well, from migraines to excessive sweating. A dermatology specialist can also provide acne scar treatment, helping to prevent new acne while lessening the scarring from acne in years past. Acne scars can certainly have an effect on the confidence of the people who have them, but a skin doctor can help to reduce their appearance to the point that they are virtually indistinguishable or can easily be concealed with make up.

Dermatology specialists provide a number of services, big and small, to their patients. They can help to restore confidence, improve skin health, and, in cases of skin cancer, even save lives.

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