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A Look At Mental Health And Therapy Here In The United States

From family therapy to seeing a psychotherapist for one on one counseling, there are many reasons to seek out the services of a therapist here in the United States. Actually, many people feel that just about anyone can benefit from going to therapy – something that most therapists will agree with. Therapy can help you to understand your mind better,…

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Four Moments when Counseling Can Help

Depression and anxiety affect a lot of people. Estimates are the 350,000,000 people worldwide have some form of depression. In the United States alone, studies show that about $80 billion is lost every year in productivity or spent on health care due to depression. In 2012, experts in psychotherapy estimate that about 16,000,000 adults in America had a major depressive…

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Family and Group Therapy Services for a More Emotionally Stable World

We human beings are social animals. We are not meant to exist as islands. But the problem with the so called advanced society in which we live is that it has completely failed us when it comes to educating ourselves and each other about how to properly communicate, how to interact with each other when there are things to address,…

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