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Thinking of Enrolling Your Kids in Gymnastics? Here’s How to Keep Them Healthy

Equipment cleanliness

As a parent our main concern will always be the health, safety and happiness of our children. Unfortunately there are many hidden dangers that we must give our attention to.

We want our children to have fun of course, and gymnastics is a great way for them to have fun, get exercise, and to learn new things. But when choosing the right gym or sports facility for our little ones, facility cleanliness should be a high priority!

Why Facility Cleanliness Should Matter

Each and every year people living in the U.S. get around 1 billion colds, with children getting an average of 6-10 colds annually. The CDC has reported that 22 million school days are lost every year from colds alone.

A child?s immune system is not as fully developed as an adults is. This means they are more susceptible not only to colds, but to other more serious illnesses too.

Staph infections are caused by super resilient bacteria that is resistant to many antibiotics. One strain of staph bacteria, Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA), is estimated to be carried by approximately 2% of the population.

So the question we need to answer is, how do we protect our children and keep them safe?

How to Keep Your Kids Safe

Keeping your kids locked in a bubble is not the answer. But being diligent and ensuring that our children are in clean surroundings is.

When looking for a place to allow your kids to play sports and learn new skills, you want to find a place that understands the importance of maintaining clean equipment and buildings. Disinfection is vital to protect from cross contamination.

Surface disinfecting is key for infection prevention. A gymnasium that has your children’s wellbeing and health in mind will ensure their equipment cleanliness. Facility cleanliness should not only be your priority, but the gym?s as well.

Ask questions about their policy on disinfecting the equipment, the surfaces, and the facility as a whole. Working together we can make sure our children have a safe space to have fun!

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