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Facts On Indoor Cycling


In the United States, there has been more and more of a push for people to get involved with physical activity. As technology grows and is more common in the everyday lives of American citizens, people have a harder time getting out and getting exercise. However, there are some people who are very dedicated to this line of thought and they participate in plenty of different activities.

Over the past five years, the activity known as CrossFit has grown to become popular across the globe to the point where there are now CrossFit games that take place almost every single year. For the people who want to get more physical activity, there are yoga classes, TRX training classes, group fitness classes and even indoor cycling classes. Here is all of the importnat information on indoor cycling and the health benefits that come along with it.

Right now, statistics have determined that less than 5% of all adults will participate in 30 minutes of physical activity each day. While this may not seem like a big deal at first, once you dive into more of the details it is easy to understand why this is so dangerous. This means that only one in every three adults will ever receive the right recommended amount of physical activity every single week.

For all of the people who have a hard time getting the right amount of physical activity each week, there are now fitness classes they can get involved in that are designed to help people be more active and productive. Understand that right now there are just about 35 million people that are involved in yoga in the United States. These types of yoga classes are an easy way to reduce stress and get active and might open up the doors for other activity.

Right now, there is a lot of research being done around the world of indoor cycling. For instance, it has been proven that 36% of all people who regularly exercise also participate in some type of fitness class as well. So again, it is important to note that these classes are an easy way for people to get healthy and to make good decisions in terms of what they do and how they do it.

Now, let us get back to that research previously mentioned. Research has revealed that cycling for 30 minutes every day will burn just about 11 pounds of fat throughout the course of a year. So indoor cycling is something that can really help burn fat and will also help keep people in shape.

Indoor cycling is a great way to get cardio in and to help expand the lungs in terms of workouts. In Finland, research has revealed that people who cycled for more than thirty minutes each day had a 40% lower risk of developing diabetes. Plus, whenever someone is cycling at a speed of 10 miles per hour, they can easily burn 260 calories in just about one hour.

In Conclusion

There is no question that indoor cycling is an easy and quick way to get in cardiovascular exercises that help bring health to the heart, lungs, and even reduces the risk of developing diabetes. Cycling inside is also incredibly accessible for just about everyone. Unlike jogging outside, you will never have to worry about the weather or about having to run away from home. Instead, cycling can be done in the safety of your own home and even just a half hour is enough for someone to get a good workout in.

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