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Lower Back Pain Doesn’t Have to Be A Pain For Your Wallet Too

Updated: 2/9/2022

Are you searching for help to get back pain treatment that can help relieve back pain, stiffness, weakness, and other annoying or debilitating symptoms? If so, then you need to talk to a local spinal care expert about the treatments options that might be available to you. Whether you are dealing with issues of your neck hurting or back always tight and stiff they can help you find options to address that problem.

Getting expert care and assistance from a local back and knee doctor, a chiropractor, or another spinal care expert can help you get the relief you have been searching for. They can find the underlying cause of your pain and discomfort and find ways to remove those symptoms and keep them from coming back again.

Whether you are dealing with back and waist pain or neck and head pain, these professionals are here to help. Contact them today to see what back disc pain treatment options and what therapy services might be available to help you deal with your spine pain.

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Urgent care centers exist to treat symptoms that simply cannot wait to be seen by a primary care physician. And so fortunately for those seeking their services, most urgent care clinics, approximately eighty-five percent, are open seven days a week.

By what do urgent care clinics treat exactly? A plethora of things, actually. From sports injuries to warts to urinary tract infections, care clinics do it all.

To get more specific, however, lower back pain is an issue in this day and age of television and desk jobs that many people find themselves plagued more and more by. Indeed, an excess of sixty-nine percent of Americans will say that lower back pain has an affect on their every day lives. It’s found that four in ten will use exercise to try to relieve the pain rather than seek help, but of those that would rather seek professional help to alleviate it, and given that around three million seek help at urgent care clinics, it’s safe to say that at least a few of those seek help for their back pain at a clinic near them.

When clinic care is sought for an issue such as chronic lower back pain, a remedy prescribed might be as simple as physical therapy, meaning that, in some cases, those choosing to exercise on their own rather than seek clinic care for their lower back pain might just be on to something. It’s been shown that if lower back pain is caught and treated early enough, say by clinic care, medical expenses for those being treated tended to be $2,736.23 less than that for people who did not.

An alternative for physical therapy is a surgical procedure known as lumbar fusion. However, it’s been shown that there are few, if any, differences in the outcomes of those who undergo that when compared to those who go the physical therapy route.

Lower back pain is no laughing matter, but with the help of your local urgent care clinic, it’s a lot more manageable a lot more readily than you might think.

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