What Most People Get Wrong About OCD

OCD is arguably among the least stigmatized anxiety disorders in the U.S., featured on everything from sitcoms to quirky detective shows. But just because it’s fairly prevalent in pop culture doesn’t mean that it’s widely understood. In fact, there’s a lot that the average person (even one with OCD) gets wrong about this condition. Whether you’re struggling with obsessive compulsive disorder yourself…

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The Extreme Benefits of Proton Therapy

Cancer is one of the most common diseases in the world, and it is unfortunately the hardest to treat. Everyday, doctors and scientists make advancements in treating all types of cancer. These advancements have made it possible for more people to live through cancer, become healthy, and go into remission. The goal for many health professionals around the world is…

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Spot Early Warning Signs of Heart Disease

UPDATED 2/19/21 Cancer takes away family members, friends and co-workers every single day. It’s a deadly disease that takes many forms, can crop up at any age and has one of the highest death rates of any common illness. A medical scan, however, can pinpoint the development of cancer at its earliest stages and increase an individual’s chances for survival…

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3 Main Types of Non-Invasive Cancer Treatment Options Available

Cancer is a well know fatal condition that without early detection and proper treatment can lead to death. There are different types of treatment and can be categorized as either invasive or non-invasive cancer treatment. Your treatment usually depends on factors such as the location of the cancer tumor, its size, how far has it spread and your general health.…

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What to Do About the Not So Small Problem of Hyperhidrosis

Imagine yourself getting ready to present a very important proposal at a very important business meeting. You have been preparing for this meeting with your other team members and you feel very well prepared. Everything has been researched and studied thoroughly, and you are the one member of your team who is the perfect person to deliver the presentation. As…

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3 Major Benefits of Methadone Treatment

The recent rise in opioid abuse has reached epidemic proportions in the United States. In 2015 alone, approximately 591,000 people suffered from a heroin addiction, specifically. Besides the size of this number, perhaps a worse characteristic of the trend is its ubiquity among the next generation. Of those 591,000 individuals, 6,000 were teenagers and 155,000 were young adults. And beyond…

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Could a BiPAP Mask Help You Finally Achieve a Great Night of Sleep?

About 18 million American adults are living with sleep apnea, with twice as many men having the condition than women. While this condition can give a person cause to change some of their sleeping habits, it is certainly possible to finally get a great night’s sleep. It just takes a little help to get them there, possibly in the form…

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Common Mental Health Issues and the Importance of Seeking Professional Treatment

Many people in the United States suffer with untreated mental health issues, such as depression, anxiety, and work-related stress. These issues can have an adverse affect on interpersonal relationships, such as friendships and marriages. Furthermore, when left untreated, these issues can become exacerbated and create more hardship. Mental Health Issues and Depression Currently, it is believed that 16 million adults…

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Myth Busting Don’t Fall For These Physical Therapy Whoppers

After being injured it can be hard to get back on your feet. Loss of mobility, range of motion, and chronic pain can be life long ailments unless they are properly treated and rehabilitated. That is why many doctors prescribe their patients visit a physical therapist. Despite the immense popularity and success of physical therapists, some people still are confused…

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