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How A Rehabilitation Center Can Help You Lose Weight And Keep It Off For Good

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Summer is on its way. Are you ready to enjoy yourself? Many find themselves dreading the warmer season, struggling with the aftermath of an unsuccessful weight loss regimen and an unsatisfying body image. If you’ve found yourself wondering what your options are after diet changes and exercise routines have refused to work, a rehabilitation center may be your ticket to results that last. Helping people with everything from back pain treatment options to general weight loss surgery, a rehabilitation center offers a variety of resources to get you back up to speed.


Many Americans struggle with chronic obesity. While some weight gain is perfectly healthy, a certain threshold can increase your risk for long-term illness. Obesity is a term used to denote an unhealthy weight gain — most medical professionals consider 20% of your normal weight to be obese. More than one in three American adults is considered to be obese and losing even 5% of your weight is proven to reduce your chances of developing conditions such as stroke and heart disease. Should you be considering treatment, a rehabilitation center can provide you with the resources you need when basic lifestyle changes aren’t enough to yield results.

Chronic Pain

Perhaps you find yourself struggling with chronic pain. If you notice stiffness in your neck, shoulders or lower back, a rehabilitation center can pinpoint the source of your pain and gradually reduce your symptoms over multiple therapeutic sessions — this can include heat treatment, stretching and surgery. Nearly 60% of all chronic pain sufferers reported a notable impact on their enjoyment of life as well as an increased inability to complete basic everyday functions, such as walking, dressing or hiking. Arthritis pain treatment and lower back treatment are some of the most common sources of chronic pain. Obesity can contribute to chronic pain and make it more difficult to seek immediate care.

Primary Care

Due to ongoing concerns about rehabilitation care and chronic pain, primary care services are going to be more demanded than ever. According to current data, the United States is going to need at least 52,000 more primary care physicians by the time 2025 rolls around in order to successfully meet demand. An additional study conducted by the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, 80% of adults either experience or will experience lower back pain sometime in their life. Should any of these apply to you, a family physician can gradually adjust your life for the better through continuous care and treatment.

Applying To A Rehabilitation Center

Whether you’re attempting to lose weight or address chronic pain, a rehabilitation center can help you faster than if you had attempted to do so alone. Occupational therapy has been proven to help people of all pain scales and budgets, providing discipline and assistance over a period of time. Over 50% of American adults are currently attempting to reduce their weight, with less than 5% of adults participating in 30 minutes of physical activity every day — when heart disease, high blood pressure and stroke increase with age, physical activity and a healthy diet will help immensely with staying healthy. A rehabilitation center can assist with keeping you to a schedule and providing resources such as medication or therapy to implement favorable results, creating the fulfilling life you’ve been yearning for.

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