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Proton Cancer Treatment Center to Be Built in New Orleans

Cancer treatment therapy tri-cities tn

Advancements in non-invasive cancer treatment are making it possible for people to undergo more therapy and live longer than ever. One of the newest kinds of care is proton cancer treatment. Now that kind of therapy is coming to the New Orleans biomedical corridor.

Business Facilities is reporting that Provision Healthcare has plans to build its newest proton cancer treatment center in the Louisiana city. The current plan is to place the center on Canal Street at the University Medical Center site. They are going to develop a facility that will take up 30,000 square feet and cost at least $100 million. Proton therapy for cancer has a lot of benefits over traditional radiation and chemotherapy therapies for cancer. It has far fewer side effects.


The goal is to create a new partnership between the University Medical Center, LSU Health Center and LCMC Health. This is expected to add at least 60 jobs to the area. It has also been estimated that another 63 jobs will be created, according to the Louisiana Economic Development (LED). These are expected to be high paying, quality jobs.


This is expected to be one of the most efficient proton cancer treatment centers in the country. There are currently about 24 such centers nationwide. The two closest centers to New Orleans are currently the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston and the Willis-Knighton Health System in Shreveport, LA. Experts say the new center will draw patients from all over the state, region, country and even international patients will come for this kind of cancer treatment.


Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards said, “Every year, nearly two million Americans are diagnosed with cancer, and they frequently face life-threatening consequences. Of these patients, several hundred thousand are good candidates for proton therapy and would greatly benefit from these innovative treatments.”


He added that today, fewer than 10% of those qualified patients can actually receive treatment at those existing proton therapy centers. Fortunately, New Orleans will soon become a part of the solution, leading to more lives being saved across the state.


Provision Healthcare says its mission is to develop community-based health solutions for cancer. It was founded in 2005 and is based in Tennessee.


Provision Healthcare CEO Terry Douglass said, “Provision chose to expand and invest in Louisiana because of the strength of the healthcare community in Louisiana and New Orleans.”


The plan is to break ground on the new proton cancer treatment center by the end of the year and to open the doors to patients about two years after that. Proton cancer treatment is considered to be one of the most advanced cancer treatment options.


LCMC Health CEO Gregory C. Feirn added that access to state-of-the-art technology and research is a primary part of their mission and that the new proton therapy center will be instrumental in providing next-generation cancer treatment to the community.


Provision Healthcare has received funding from the LED and is receiving federal tax credits to help pay for the new proton cancer treatment center.

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