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Top Five Benefits of Urgent Care Centers for Children

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It’s important to take your child to their licensed pediatrician on a regular basis, but sometimes situations arise that may prevent you from doing so. In those situations, there are more options than visiting the drug store.

Any walk in clinic will accept a child as a patient in the instance that a pediatrician can’t be reached. Some parents may have hesitations when it comes to urgent care centers, but here are five benefits of taking your child to a walk in clinic for treatment.

Most Insurance Policies are Accepted

Most walk in clinics will accept all major insurance providers. Some clinics will not offer the same array of insurance policies, making it quite difficult to get into that “convenient” doctors appointment at a urgent care facility, but you can easily check the information on any center’s website.

Convenient Locations and Hours

With the convenience of multiple, accessible locations and hours, it’s relatively simple to schedule an appointment or simply walk in. The hours offered by urgent care centers are not typically available at a pediatrician’s office, which makes the late-night flu emergencies easier to handle.

Short Wait Times

As the name implies, you can simply walk into the clinic. While it’s best to try for an appointment during mid-morning hours, the wait times are relatively short at all hours of the day, and no appointment is needed in advance.

Cost Efficient

While an urgent care center is no substitute for some services that a hospital can provide, it’s a much more affordable and efficient service than the emergency room. While you could be waiting in an emergency room for hours for a simple diagnosis, an urgent care center could have you in and out in under an hour.


A pediatrician’s office is always tailored to children and their comfort, but an emergency room is not. Urgent care centers function in a manner that more closely resembles a primary care physician’s office, therefore providing a more relaxed and comfortable atmosphere for kids.

Urgent care is a great resource for children and adults alike. While the services are no substitute for the care of a pediatrician or primary care physician, it’s a great alternative when the doctor’s offices are closed for the day.

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