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Don’t Let the Cost of STD Testing Prevent You From Being and Feeling Healthy

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If health is really wealth — it is — then ask yourself this important question; Do you feel wealthy in terms of your health? If so, congratulations! Be grateful that you are in a healthy state and take measures to continue being that way. But if not, then it’s important to take a good, hard look at way and what you can do in order to become healthier and therefore wealthier. After all, it’s easy to feel down and out when you don’t have a lot of money, but without your health and vitality, you truly have nothing! Don’t ever take that for granted, as health really is invaluable. In fact, during the last days of his life, Steve Jobs, the famous founder of Apple, reflected on his life and said he would willingly give away all of this monetary wealth in order to have a chance to be healthy again!

One of the biggest mistakes people, especially women, make when it comes to maintaining their overall health and well being is neglecting their sexual health. This is often because the thought of openly discussing private parts and the intimate details of one’s sex life — such as how many partners a person has recently been with — can be intimidating and may even feel a bit intrusive. Rest assured however, family care physicians have seen, done, and heard it all and are by no means judgmental. If anything, they understand how unsettling discussing sexual health can be and do what they can in order to make the experience more comfortable.

Sexual health can be an excellent indicator of one’s overall health, with many health issues manifesting as sexual health or sex related issues well before they do anywhere else. An example of this can be the failure to get or maintain an erection as a male being a sign of high blood pressure or heart disease. Likewise, extremely painful menstrual cycles for women can be indicative of uterine fibroids.

Here are some ways you can take charge of your sexual health in order to maintain your overall health and well being.

Take advantage of STD testing procedures

Never use the cost of STD testing as an excuse when it comes knowing your status. There are a variety of free health clinics that offer low to no cost STD testing as well as free STD testing centers where the cost of STD testing is absolutely free. You can find out the cost of STD testing in your area by calling your family care physician, running a quick internet search, or getting in contact with your local family planning center. Even if it’s not free, the cost of STD testing in priceless when it comes to your health. And if your partner refuses to get tested because the cost of STD testing is too much or they give any other kind of lame excuse, run for the hills!

You are what you eat

Diet is extremely important in terms of sexual health, especially for women. Eating too much processed, starchy, or sugary foods can contribute to an unhealthy balance of bacteria, fungus, and yeast in a woman’s vagina, and may cause issues such as chronic yeast infections, painful menstrual cycles, and unpleasant vaginal odor. Both men and women should drink plenty of water and eat a diet rich in fiber, whole, minimally processed foods, and plenty of fruits and vegetables for good measure. This can help to keep sex hormones at health levels, boost the body’s immunity, and some foods have been known to be aphrodisiacs.

Be careful of what you wear

Men who regularly wear tight, form fitting clothing may have a lower sperm count due to the higher temperatures around their testicles. Therefore it’s important for men to wear loose, comfortable clothing that allows for airflow. Similarly, cotton panties are best for women because they’re breathable, allowing air to circulate and dry out any excess moisture that could cause an infection.

Work it out

Both men and women should do kegel exercises regularly in order to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles. This improves sexual performance and promotes overall health. Helpful sites.

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