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The Importance of Understanding the Differences Between Advanced Urgent Care Clinics, Doctors, and Hospitals

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When most people think of wealth, they tend to think of it in terms of financial or monetary matters. The society approved idea of wealth is that of a person has tons of expensive material possessions, lots of money in the bank, and a large house and lavish lifestyle to show for it, they must be good to go. They have to be happy and healthy, right? Wrong.

Time and time again, as if society — especially Hollywood and Wall Street — were living in the movie Groundhog Dog, there are stories about the rich and famous who seem to have it all in terms of financial wealth, cracking under the immense pressure and stress of living “the good” life. In fact, many of these people suffer from poor health, though they have the funds and social status that allows them access to the best healthcare professionals and facilities in the world. Ironic, isn’t it?

Therefore, it’s safe to say that wealth shouldn’t be thought of in terms of material possessions but rather personal, physical health and well being. Your health is your greatest asset, and without it, you have nothing! As such, investing in your own physical health and well being is one of the wisest and most lucrative things you can do, because you won’t have the vitality to chase your dreams with an unhealthy body!

Healthcare options and decisions, decisions, decisions

Nowadays, Americans have more healthcare options than ever. The three most common are a hospital, including a hospital emergency department, a primary care physician, and urgent care centers. Though each of these healthcare options provides healthcare in order to maintain the health and well being of patients visiting them, each one goes about doing so much differently than the other. They’re designed to treat different health conditions based on immediacy.

Hospital and their emergency departments

Though hospitals are for long term care, hospital emergency rooms are designed to evaluate and treat medical conditions that require immediate treatment. Only true medical emergencies should be treated at a hospital emergency room and this include head injuries, sudden, sever chest pain and shortness of breath, loss of consciousness, numbness on one side of the body, vomiting or coughing up blood, and more. The age of the patient and their current state of health should also be kept in mind when considering emergency medical treatment. For a example, while a flu may not be a medical emergency for a healthy young person, it could be for a young child or a senior.

Primary care physicians

Unlike hospital emergency departments and advanced urgent care centers, a primary care physician’s practice is more focused on treating and assessing a patient’s long term health. This includes scheduling blood work, performing physicals, prescription refills, and making referrals to specialists as needed. Primary care physicians are much more concerned with their patient’s long term health goals and previous health history in order to develop the best course of treatment. Though it’s okay to visit a primary care physician to treat an ailment such as the cold or flu as needed, you may experience some difficulty in scheduling an appointment sooner than later.

Advanced urgent care clinics

With these kinds of facilities, no appointments are needed! That’s because advanced urgent care clinics are designed to treat health ailments and conditions that may not be serious enough to require emergency medical treatment, but still require some form of immediate medical attention. Examples of why you would seek treatment at an advanced urgent care facility include minor to moderate burns or cuts, allergic reactions and rashes, severe cold and flu treatment, sprains and strains, strep throat, and urinary tract infections. Though it is possible to see a primary care physician to treat these ailments, an advanced urgent care center will be able to treat you sooner with no appointment necessary. Just walk right in and you can be seen in as little as 15 minutes. Furthermore, urgent care costs are much more affordable.

Knowing which treatment option is best for your medical needs can actually help you remain or become health, wealthy, and wise.

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