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Summer is the Time for Fun and Excitement at Camp


The best type of healthcare is preventative healthcare, and that includes above all a healthy lifestyle and a healthy diet. With a little effort and creativity, you can choose a healthy lifestyle for yourself and your family. Summer camp is a great opportunity for kids to try out new things and new activities. Or you can get together with your neighbors and create your own summer day camps for kids. You should be able to get tents, games and other supplies from a party and event rental store. After that, all you need is some imagination.

Exercise is the road to good health
Exercise and diet are the building blocks of good health. But somehow, very few people are actually able to put it into practice. Children as well as adults don’t get enough exercise, and the proliferation of junk foods makes healthy eating more difficult and more expensive. Location is one problem: only one home out of five has a park, or recreation or fitness center within half a mile.
All of this means that we are turning into a sedentary society. Not only work but our leisure activities involve sitting around instead of physical activity. The numbers are quite alarming: studies show that only one child out of three engaged in physical activity each day. What do kids do instead? They spend more than seven and a half hours every day staring at a monitor screen. This could be the TV, or videogames, or the computer.

To camp we go
Summer camps and day camps are a great way to introduce kids to healthy and creative new activities. Camps prioritize health and fitness issues, and the ACA’s 2011 Emerging issues survey found that for 90.7% of the camps that responded, healthy eating and physical activity were considered important or very important.
It should be easy to find a day camp or summer camp nearby. There are more than 12,000 day and resident camps in the U.S., and each year some 11 million children and adults attend camp. Summer camp activities are varied and exciting. They could include recreational swimming, camping skills, climbing and rappelling, horseback riding, teambuilding, community service, farming, ranching and gardening, and wilderness trips.

Get creative
Kids are sometimes reluctant to try new things but studies show that they tend to continue the activities they learn at camp. An ACA research study found the 74% percent of campers tried new activities that they were afraid of earlier. And 63% of parents said that their kids continued the new activities they learned at camp after returning home.
If for some reason you can’t send your kids to camp, you can get creative and organize your own day camp. The whole point of camp is to introduce kids to fun, creative and healthy activities. With basic supplies from a party and event rental store, you can organize games, art classes, crafts, musical events and much more.

If you’re ready to get creative, check out your local party and event rental store for supplies that will help your kids enjoy the best summer ever.

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