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The decision to make a change in your lifestyle is a very personal, and sometimes very difficult one. An often very necessary change that people make in their lives is the decision to lose weight, and although there are countless ways to do so, sometimes surgery is the best option. But before you look into weight loss surgery options though, here are some questions you need to ask.

Who is eligible for weight loss surgery?

To be eligible for any kind of weight loss surgery, you must have a body mass index (BMI) of 40 or higher and be at least 80 pounds over your ideal weight. If you have a medical condition in addition to or as a result of your weight (type two diabetes, sleep apnea, heart disease, etc.) there is a greater likelihood that you’ll be considered for surgery.

Are there multiple types of weight loss surgery?

Yes. The two most popular types of weight loss surgery are restrictive and malabsorptive-restrictive. Restrictive surgery works by changing the size of the stomach, while malabsorptive-restrictive surgery involves shrinking the stomach, as well as removing or bypassing part of the digestive tract to limit the amount of calories absorbed. Purely malabsorptive surgeries, however, are no longer performed because of the health risks and side effects.

What are common complications?

Gastric bypass recovery time is generally a relatively short period, but it should take about a year to achieve the full extent of your weight loss goal. However, complications can definitely arise in that time. One of the more common bariatric surgery side effects is a lack of nutrients being absorbed into the body. More serious complications can arise as a result of gastric banding, in which the band around your stomach can rupture or leak, causing serious medical issues. Thankfully, the more serious side effects are relatively rare and most people, with proper care and guidance, have successful recoveries.

Most medical weight loss programs only recommend surgery as a last resort, but if your doctor recommends it and you’re eligible, taking the steps to change your life can be empowering. Your weight doesn’t have to define you, and you can take that leap!

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