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How to receive immediate care while on Vacation

Walk in clinic hours

National Travel Survey reveals that 63% of travelers get sick while on vacation. Who wants to be sick while on vacation? On average, if you’re on vacation, you’ve already saved and budgeted the entire trip, and medical expenses weren’t in that budget. The typical visit to an Emergency Room can run your pockets about $1,500. So you may ask, “How do I avoid those extra medical expenses?

The answer to your question is simple, Urgent Care

Urgent Care is an immediate care center, walk-in clinic that treats all of your injuries and illnesses when your main physician is out of office, and an emergency room is not applicable. In just the United States, there are about 6800 Urgent Care facilities spread across the board. At first, it started off being looked down upon, or as commoners would say- Instant Medical Help, but has grown to be the best alternative to not just save money but reduce waiting time and receive full treatment at half the cost of an ER visit. According to a survey by The Urgent Care Association of America, more than half of the patients were seen in 15 minutes or less, and about 80% of visits are handled in an hour or less. With fast service and treatments, you still only spend about $150 out of pocket in medical expenses.

What all can get done at an immediate care center?

Urgent care facilities provide around the clock services, typically from 8AM to 8PM, 365 days a year, to men, women, and children. Every year, Americans get about 1 billion colds, break about 6.8 billion bones, and children alone catch anywhere between 6-10 colds a year. Imagine the expenses that build up to and lets face it, although you want the best treatment around sometimes you just can’t deal with the long waiting, minimal service, and expensive cost a trip to the emergency room will bring. So what all CAN you do at an Urgent Care facility?

An urgent care facility provides:

  • A family friendly walk in clinic
  • anonymous std testing
  • pediatricians on staff
  • a freestanding building easily accessible
  • superb medical treatment
  • local access
  • fast service
  • fast treatment
  • an immediate care center
  • So overall, checking into an immediate care center save you a lot of time, money, and headache. If you would like to find an urgent care center, search for one in your area.

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