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How to Make Your HR Department More Effecient

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Human resources could all the help it can get. They’re so busy and there’s always things coming up and and new projects starting; any little bit of assistance is appreciated. Outsourcing is always an option of course, but that has some risk involved.

Outsourcing HR includes hiring a third party to do all of the administration type work as well as payroll and any other duties that the HR might be in charge of.

The problem with this is that

  1. You have to pass over your employees sensitive information such as banking information, etc in order for them to get paid.
  2. It means laying off the HR department you currently have.

So instead of outsourcing and upsetting the current system you have going, why not look in to some human resources software solutions?

Something that the employees would be able to log in to themselves to check on their employee benefits would be ideal. Benefits administration tools are always handy to keep around and if the employees could sign in to some sort of portal or company only website, this would help with the traffic of questions constantly flooding HR. Once they sign in, it would be helpful for them to be able to check on status of pending benefits, claims as well as what is included in their specific benefits package. Information such as open enrollment dates and different package options should also be available for viewing.

Another thing that should be included in human resources software solutions is the ability to log your hours. Many companies have time sheets that need to be filled out weekly. The employees should be able to log in daily and fill in the amount of hours they have worked. An online human resources software program would benefit the HR department immensely by having all the time sheets in one program from every employee. If the software is available to the employees from home, should anyone make a mistake and forget to fill out their time sheets at work, they could simply log in from home and get it done in time to get paid without hassling the HR department for the specific paperwork.

If included, web based software for human resources might benefit from having an area where workers comp cases could be reviewed and statuses checked on. Many times, if someone files a workers comp claim, it takes quite awhile and along with the other responsibilities of the HR department, they are also having to track down insurance companies and figure out what the status of those are, also. Any kind of insurance claim having to do with employees and the company would be helpful to be able to be seen in a human resources software solutions program.

Having this type of program available to the employees of the company would put much less strain and stress on the HR and administration department, allowing them to focus on other aspects of the job that would include business growth and development.

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