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Emergency Room Vs Urgent Care Clinic How To Choose

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Have you ever been in a situation where you have questioned whether or not you need emergency room care vs. just a standard clinic? If so you aren’t alone. Millions of Americans face this decision on a daily basis. A lot of times people end up making the wrong choice because they are simply uninformed. Here are a few ways to determine whether you need emergency room care or just ought to visit a medical walk in clinic:

1. Type of Injury/Ailment – There is a myth that urgent care facilities can only treat illnesses like runny noses, coughs, and sore throats. That is absolutely false. In fact, four out of ever five urgent care centers in the United States actually provide fracture care in addition to the treatment of sports injuries, lacerations, dizziness, dehydration, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), strep throat, staph infections, pneumonia, anxiety, and so much more. Still thinking that you need emergency room care rather than an urgent care clinic?

2. Time of Day – Another deciding factor for you may be something as simple as the time of day when you are injured or ill. Although 85% of urgent care clinics are open seven days a week from usually from 8am-8pm, injuries and illnesses sometimes happen outside those hours. If that happens you may need emergency room care.

3. Insurance – Before deciding whether or not you should visit the emergency room or an urgent care clinic you need to consider your insurance coverage. Some medical insurance fully covers emergency room visits, while others cover just a small percentage of your total bill. Finances obviously shouldn’t take precedent over your health, but sometimes choosing a clinic over an emergency room can really help your pocketbook.

There’s a reason that nearly 3 million people visit urgent care clinics every week. They are typically quicker, cheaper, and less hectic than the emergency room and in most cases are in a convenient location. Take a look around on your drive home today and see just how many urgent care clinics are on your path. You may be surprised!

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