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Your Cell Phone Makes Life So Easy, but is It as Innocuous as It Seems?

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We love our gadgets: the phones, the computers, the video games, and we almost never consider if there are any consequences to using them. Sure, we love how easy modern technology makes our lives, but we have to be sure we?re not getting too much radiation; especially our kids.

Cell towers have spread like wildfire, and are often placed on day-care, pre-school, and school campuses, meaning children can have 1,000 times higher radio frequency exposures in the home and in school environments than existed just 20 to 25 years ago. A study done in 2010 of children and adolescents, eight to 17 years old, showed even short-term Electromotive Force exposure (often in the form of cordless phone radiation) causes, concentration difficulties in school, headaches and irritation.

And cordless phone radiation exposure doesn?t just affect children after they?re born. Studies have shown that children whose mothers used mobile phones while pregnant had 25% more emotional problems, 34% more problems with peers, 35% more hyperactivity, and almost 50% more conduct problems than those children who?s mothers did not use a cell.

We need cordless phone radiation protection, and not just for our children.

In adults ages 81 to 91, it was found in a national study, those with short-term exposure to GSM cordless phone radiation reported neurological problems, headaches, sleep issues, and problems with concentration. Cordless phone radiation harms cells at a much lower level than conventional heating, a billion times lower. And bio-effects can occur within the first few minutes of use, at levels associated with cell and cordless phone use.

These and other various side affects of cordless phone radiation can be handled by a cell phone radiation blocker, a bioelectric shield, or one of the many other EMF blockers available.

So, be aware of the dangers. Realize that mobile phones emit radiation constantly, even when you?re not using them. Understand what your children?s risks are, and give your family cell phone radiation protection. Remember, an ounce of prevention is worth way more than a pound of cure.

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