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EMFs Secretly Harming Your Children?

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Baby boomers and Generation X-ers have been known to express some disdain for the way that technology is slowly permeating almost every aspect of life with each passing day. They say that devices such as cell phones, and tablets are doing more harm than good to children and young adults. They believe that they are poisoning the minds of the youth.

There is actually some truth to their words. Cell phones and tablets, as well as every other type of technological device that exists, are causing harm to children, but not necessarily in the way that one might think.

Technology is harming people in the form of electromagnetic fields, or EMFs.

EMFs are a form of radiation — they are invisible electric/magnetic forces that every piece of technology emits. The reason why they are so dangerous to humans is because they can disturb and disrupt the human body’s natural electric pulses, which can lead to serious health problems. EMFs harm cells at an extremely low level, which is why not many people are informed or aware of their dangers.

EMF Dangers
Some of the effects of EMF are headaches and irritation (short-term) and cancer and Alzheimer’s disease (long-term), among many other issues. However, EMFs have a very strong and clear impact on children. Children and adolescents between 8 and 17 years of age have shown to have severe headaches, irritation, and concentration difficulties in school, according to a study in 2010. The widespread of cell towers in areas inhabited by large amounts of children – pre-schools, school campuses, day cares, etc. means that young children can have 1,000 times higher exposure to EMFs than they would have 25 years ago.

How to Block EMFs
Although EMF safety is not well-promoted, there are ways to protect yourself and your children from its effects. There are specialized EMF safety stores online that provide different methods of EMF protection. EMF jewelry is very common. These are sleek necklaces/pendants that contain materials that, when worn, disrupt EMF waves. EMF shields also exist in the form of clothing, laptop/phone cases, and large ornamental house hangings. People who utilize these devices have reported to have improved moods and to feel energized and revitalized from the inside out. Another way how to block EMfs is to put a cap the use of electronics, and to switch them completely off when they are not in use.

More people need to know how to block EMFs because they are such silent but
deadly forces that affect everyone, but children especially. A 2007 study concluded that public safety limits for EMFs were inadequate and needed to be updated, as well as the general public’s awareness of EMFs, so a change should be happening in the near future.

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