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The Causes and Dangers of Low Testosterone

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Testosterone is a hormone found in males that promotes male development, but is also crucial in maintaining male health. New research has shown that one out of every four men over 30 have low testosterone. Learning if you are at risk is the first step to addressing what may be a serious medical condition.

The Causes of Low Testosterone
Low testosterone is defined as 300ng/dL (nanograms per deciliter) of total testosterone with less than 5ng/dL of free testosterone produced for the body. While there is a general correlation between age and decreasing testosterone levels, there are many reasons for low testosterone including a lack of exercise, genetics, and the way modernity forces us to use our muscles–as opposed to the days of our ancestors. Low testosterone levels are increasing at an accelerated rate, with predictions for 2025 seeing a 38% increase in cases from 2000; that totals 6.5 million American men with a testosterone deficiency.

The Effects of Low Testosterone
Testosterone deficiencies vary from patient to patient; only one out of 20 men with a deficiency will even have noticeable clinical symptoms. Those who do will notice symptoms such as weight gain, fatigue, depression, and decreased muscle mass. Recent studies have seen a correlation between low testosterone and a decreased life expectancy with patients suffering a 33% increased risk of death in the next 18 years when compared to men with higher levels of testosterone.

Treating Low Testosterone
While there are options for treating low testosterone, as many as 90% of men with low testosterone never seek treatment. This may be in part due to the fear that insurance companies will not pay for treatment. There are facilities dedicated to treating low testosterone; this includes payment options that accept insurance. If you believe you may be suffering from low testosterone levels, seek out treatment and get control of your life back.

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