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Bye Bye Backne (Banish Your Body Breakouts)

Don’t let back acne control your summer. These body acne treatment tips will help you find the best way to prevent new breakouts, as well as to treat the already existing ones, so you can be clear and confident for the coming swimsuit season. One cause of back acne could be the products you’re using in your hair. If your…

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What You Need to Know About Ibogaine Treatment

No one necessarily means to become addicted to drugs. Oftentimes these addictions are developed over long periods of time, and before the individual knows it their life is spinning out of control. These days, it is often very easy for people to get their hands on illegal substances through either street dealing or even through a medical prescription from a…

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The Fast Facts on ACL Knee Injuries

Anyone who plays a sport or works in sports medicine knows that knee problems are ubiquitous among athletes. While some of those are chronic or overuse injuries, there are many common acute knee injuries as well, among them damage to the anterior cruciate ligament. This extremely common injury has more than 200,000 incidences every single year in the United States.…

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