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Doctors Urge Parents to Vaccinate Their Children

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If you are like most people, you probably take a number of steps to make sure your family is as healthy as possible. For example, you likely cook healthy meals, get exercise through sports or other fun activities, and visit your local doctors office for quick check ups, physicals and treatments. However, because of the high number of dangerous viruses and medical conditions that can affect a person over the course of their life, these healthy habits won’t always be enough to protect your loved ones. For this reason, many local doctors and national medical professionals are urging Americans to get their families vaccinated as well.

In recent weeks, vaccines have become a controversial topic across the United States. The uproar began after it was announced that a number of people had contracted the measles after visiting the Disneyland Resort in San Diego. This viral infection, which is characterized by a rash that spreads over the body, has rarely been seen in the U.S. since a vaccine was created and successfully instituted in the country. This program helped instill a type of protection called herd immunity, in which enough people are vaccinated that even those who have not received the treatment are unlikely to develop the virus. Unfortunately, the vast number of people at the resort is believed to have caused an outbreak among those who had not been treated, causing a number of people to visit urgent care centers throughout California with measles symptoms. In these cases, the urgent care clinics were temporarily closed for disinfection while the patients were taken to local hospitals.

Now, local doctors and health care professionals are speaking out, reminding parents that vaccinations protect their children as well as everyone around them. While some people believe that the injections can cause medical disorders and troubling side effects, medical professionals seek to remind these people that these cases are few and far between, usually seen in children too young to receive the injections. As a result, there are restrictions which prevent children below a certain age from being vaccinated. However, once a child is old enough to receive the vaccination, it is in their best interests to receive them: while the negative side effects are rare, measles is highly infectious and can cause a number of troubling consequences, including deafness, paralysis and death.

If you are concerned about maintaining the health of your family, local doctors say that having your children vaccinated is a vital step, necessary to prevent dangerous conditions. Talk to your doctor or visit an urgent care facility to obtain this service today.

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