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California Urgent Care Clinic Helps Fill Gap in Local Healthcare

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As healthcare has grown more expensive in the United States and insurance has become more controversial and confusing, many American communities have begun turning to urgent care facilities for the medical help they need. While these walk in health clinics are only designed to treat non-life-threatening injuries, they offer a variety of services, helping a number of people who can’t wait for a doctor’s appointment but don’t require emergency room care. One of the latest areas to benefit from urgent care services is American Canyon, CA, where a new urgent care center is helping to bridge a gap in local healthcare.

American Canyon’s NewMD and Urgent Care facility is not strictly the only walk in clinic of its kind in the region: there are two other urgent care centers in nearby Napa and Vallejo, as well as an appointment-only clinic, also in Napa. However, thanks to the Affordable Care Act, the number of patients with insurance has increased significantly, meaning these urgent care facilities, not to mention local doctors offices and hospitals, often have more work than they can handle. As a result, American Canyon’s urgent care clinic is drawing in people from throughout Solano County

Like many urgent care facilities, the medical center was started by two ER doctors who decided to start their own practice. Currently, they offer a variety of routine medical procedures, ranging from quick check ups to stitches. They also have a lab for urine and blood testing, an X-ray room, and limited pharmacy, features that make them an attractive option for local businesses looking for pre-employment screenings and occupational medical care. These companies currently make up roughly half of the facility’s business, but the clinic also makes time for individual patients: the clinic offers a range of private insurance plans, and also accepts out-of-pocket payments that are often considerably cheaper than emergency room bills.

In addition to their work, NewMD’s doctors are also getting involved in other ways: during the Fall 2014 football season, one of the physicians volunteered as a sideline doctor for the local high school. This is only one illustration of how integral urgent care facilities and their staff members are becoming to American communities as the country’s national healthcare system struggles to meet the needs of its people. More like this article.

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