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The CCIC Has Your Kids Covered

Medical walk in clinic

The Colorado Children’s Immunization Coalition, (CCIC), has devised an interesting means for uninsured kids to get immunization shots. By holding it’s ongoing Shots for Tots and Teens Clinic at an Aurora fire station not long ago, they hope that the blare of fire engines and exciting (distracting) environment will make it easier to get kids past their phobias of being stuck with a needle.
Basically a free walk in clinic (some are low cost, it depends on personal finances) offered on weekends, the Shots for Tots and Teens program is a hit, especially for parents with multiple kids since they can get flu shots and other immunizations for the whole family in one fell swoop. The version of the program held at the fire station in Aurora was a collaborative effort between the CCIC, Tri-County Health Department, Aurora Fire Department, Denver Public Health, and a few Rotary clubs. Similar events have recently been held in Denver and Littleton.
Immunization costs add up with multiple children, and the CCIC clinics are designed to be taken advantage of by qualfying under-insured or altogether uninsured families, and the need is great: over the last 10 years, the program has dispensed over 40,000 vaccines to over 20,000 area kids.
Whether a low cost health clinic or a free walk in clinic, services like the CCIC’s are rare, but family health care plans can be difficult to manage for folks that have had periods of unemployment or are underemployed without insurance coverage – it can be nearly impossible.
What’s more, studies show that the recent resurgence of the anti-vaccination philosophy has led to the return of some previously defunct illnesses, whooping cough and measles among them. If you’re unable to find a primary care physician because of insurance problems, clinics like these are the only places struggling parents can make sure their kids are properly protected.
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