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What Can a Physical Therapy Clinic Do For You?

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UPDATED 1/29/21

When you have had an accident, surgery or another injury, you may need rehabilitation services to help you get your mobility back. This often requires professionals who can administer the physical therapy process to the affected region. Getting this physical therapy and rehabilitation can help your muscles to work better after the injury to them. Often, it also has to do with bones and tendons and the way all of them work together. With the right physical therapy, you can regain all or most of the movement that you had before the incident.

When you have pain, stiffness and a lack of mobility from any part of your body, you may need to see well known physical therapists who can help you through your injury and get you as close as possible to the way you felt before. Some people also need physiotherapy for arthritis to help with the pain and stiffness of this condition. Getting you back up and moving is the goal of these therapy sessions, and they usually involved a series of exercises that you must do in order to strengthen muscles and get them working again. It may take months of therapy, but it’s all worth it.

Physical therapy clinics are, quite simply, great places. Their main purpose is to make people feel better after a physical injury, and the staff at these clinics accomplishes that goal by creating custom plans of physical therapy exercises for each patient. And speaking of the staff, you’re likely to find trained professionals from all walks of life working at physical therapy clinics — sports medicine specialists, certified athletic trainers, orthopedic surgeons… the list goes on and on. And the one thing these people always have in common is that they’ve dedicated their careers to helping patients recover from injuries and stay healthy for years to come.

So what exactly can a physical therapy center do for you?

Outpatient Surgeries and Post-Surgery Rehabilitation If a physical therapy clinic is big enough, they might have a few surgeons on their staff who perform simple outpatient surgical procedures, like an arthroscopic surgery. Even if a clinic won’t (or can’t) perform an actual surgery, patients often seek treatment at physical therapy clinics after having surgeries in order to gain strength back.

Illnesses and Accidents It may sound silly at first, but sometimes a serious illness can really take a toll on your physical strength. Have you ever heard of someone breaking a rib because they couldn’t stop coughing? It definitely happens.

Physical therapy facilities are equipped to treat patients with any type of physical pain or limitation — whether the patient was in a car accident and has constant back pain, or fell out of tree and broke an arm, or spent a lot of time suffering from a serious illness that depleted muscle strength — it doesn’t matter where the injury is or how it happened. The specialists are able to work with patients one-on-one, and they make sure that the exercises are never too stressful for the patient.

Sports Injury It’s pretty common these days to use the phrases “physical therapy clinic” and “sports medicine clinic” interchangeably, to be honest, although a clinic specializing in sports injuries may be able to offer slightly more aggressive therapy programs. The thing about being an athlete and getting a serous injury — whether you’re in high school or you’re a professional — is that you put your body under so much physical stress so often, you’re more likely to be re-injured again and again. A program that focuses on athletic rehabilitation will be able to create aggressive programs that build up muscles, and the staff can monitor patients to ensure that no further injuries are happening.

And that’s just the beginning of the list! Keep in mind that not every clinic offers the same services, but there are quite a few physical therapy clinics around these days, so it shouldn’t be hard to find one that suits your needs. Visit here for more information.

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