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Botox or Cosmetic Facial Fillers? Understanding the Difference Between the Two Anti Aging Treatments

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While most of us would love to continue looking young even as we get older, no one can fight the natural aging process. As we age, skin loses its elasticity, and fine lines and wrinkles start to appear on our faces. While there are natural ways of delaying this process, like exercising regularly and eating skin-healthy foods, the wrinkles will come eventually. When wrinkles start to show up, many assume that Botox injections are the solution to regaining youthful skin. However, Botox is not the only anti aging skin treatment out there, and it’s certainly not for everyone.

What are Facial Fillers?

Cosmetic facial fillers help to fill in fine lines on the face and add volume where it has been lost over the years. People naturally lose fat in their face as they get older, and when this happens, smile lines and crows feet can become more obvious. Cosmetic facial fillers can be used to fill in wrinkles and creases, add volume to the lips, reduce the appearance of deep scars and soften facial features.

What is the Difference Between Botox and Fillers?

While both cosmetic facial fillers and Botox work on fine lines and wrinkles, they do so in different ways. Botox is used to treat active wrinkles, or ones that showed up recently, while facial fillers are used on wrinkles that have already been formed. While Botox is injected into areas where wrinkles are more prone to occur, facial fillers are injected right into creases to fill them in. Facial fillers are also able to increase volume in different facial features, which Botox is unable to do.

How Much Do Facial Fillers Cost?

There are many different types of cosmetic facial fillers available, including Juvederm, Radiesse and Sculptra. The cost of facial fillers varies depending on which product you choose, but generally they range between $450 and $1,700.

Many people might walk into their doctors office looking for Botox, but leave with facial filler injections instead. While they treat similar issues, they are not used in the same way. If you’re unsure what is right for you, a cosmetic doctor can help decide which solution is your best bet. Check out this website for more.

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