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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is for More Than Just Decompression Sickness

Rsd syndrome treatment

Hyperbaric oxygen chamber therapy may sound scary, but it is actually a complete safe and simple treatment that can help to prevent or relieve a lot of very scary symptoms, conditions, or illnesses.

Hyperbaric oxygen chamber treatment involves breathing pure oxygen in a pressurized room, or hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber. This allows your lungs to gather up more oxygen than normal, which is distributed throughout your body by the blood. The increased oxygen levels help stimulate the growth of growth factors and stem cells, which are very helpful in body’s healing process.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is administered in chamber, which can be designed to fit one person for treatment, or be a larger room in which several people can be treated at once. The only thing the patient has to do during the treatment is to relax and breath, so it is not a very stressful experience. Many hyperbaric oxygen treatment centers allow patients to read or watch TV or movies during the treatment, to help pass the time.

While the patient is relaxing with a good book or an interesting movie, the increased oxygen levels in his or her body can be helping to cure any number of problems or illnesses. The most common and well-known use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatment is to treat scuba divers for decompression sickness. However, there are many other benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatment.

Chronic pain, wound healing, severe anemia, gangrene, arterial gas embolisms, and carbon monoxide poisoning are all conditions that can be helped by hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatment. These conditions only skim the surface of all of the possible conditions this therapy can help, but it gives a good idea of how much it is worth it to sit for a while, doing nothing but breathing, in order to prevent some very serious and potentially deadly conditions. Find out more about this topic here.

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