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Are You Pregnant? No Matter What Your Age, Free Pregnancy Help is Available for You

Free pregnancy tests

Are you finding out that you might be pregnant for the first time? If so, you’re not alone. Approximately half of all women in the United States experience an unplanned pregnancy before the age of 45. You may feel scared or confused when you miss a period, but there are resources available to you to help you through your pregnancy.

In the U.S., many women’s centers have appeared in the past few decades that can help women of all ages carry their pregnancies to term. If you are pregnant and struggling with what’s next, you can receive free pregnancy help — at any age. Here are the ways in which help is available for unplanned pregnancies for any woman:

Pregnancy early signs can include many of the same symptoms of PMS, from cramping and bloating to nausea and fatigue. However, if you suspect that you might be pregnant, you can visit one of the teen pregnancy centers in your area to get a pregnancy test for free. If you receive a positive result, your teen pregnancy center can walk you through the next steps, like telling Mom and Dad and getting the healthcare you and your baby need.

Young Women in Their 20s and 30s
Whether you’re just leaving college or well into your career, pregnancy can be daunting at any ages. It can be difficult to balance an active lifestyle and employment with a baby on the way. However, a women’s center that offers free pregnancy help can give you guidance for the future as you and a partner decide to bring a life into the world.

Women in Their 40s
Is it menopause or is it pregnancy? Just as PMS and pregnancy are often confused in younger women, the same issue can come up when a woman past the age of 40 gets pregnant. In order to be sure what your body is going through, find a women’s center that offers free pregnancy tests. If you receive a positive result, you can also receive free pregnancy help to guide you through the prenatal care process. This is especially important for women in their 40s, as the likelihood of a miscarriage increases greatly. Problems with fetal development, such as a chromosomal abnormality or an egg that doesn’t implant correctly, can also occur.

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